I just checked and he's suppose to be at Dragon Con again this year. Maybe if there isn't a line at his table, I'll drop by and congratulate him on his upcoming wedding. :)

...and I teared up a little too. ;)
Yay! That's awesome, and best of luck to them!

Apparently--if this helps, though maybe I should withhold the story if you want to continue thinking of Shatner as a complete ass--Shatner is nice to people who work retail. He has a house somewhere in the area of my hometown and has on occasion come into the swanky boutique where my sister works, and he's always perfectly lovely to the employees. Martha Stewart, on the other hand, is apparently every bit as horrible as you could ever dream she would be.
Martha horrible? I can't imagine! ;)

I can believe that Shatner is nice to retail people. Most of the negative stories I've heard about him come from the people he's worked with over the years. It seems that chose to adopt part of Captain Kirk persona as his own, developing the belief that he's THE star and he's the one in charge and everyone is there to help service his needs. One of my favorite stories, and I can't recall which costar revealed this, is that, on Star Trek, as soon as they got their scripts the first thing he would do was count lines. If anyone had more lines than him, he would demand a rewrite. One time they had to work out a compromise that he and Nimoy had the exact same number of lines.
That is very sweet. I got a little bit verklepmt just now reading about it. :)

Is Shatner *still* an ass? Or maybe the cast is just not willing to forgive his rotten treatment of them from back in the day? I am not defending him, I am genuinely curious.
Thanks. I will check out what Wil Wheaton has to say. :)

Sounds like the Tim Allen character in Galaxy Quest is not that far off from Shatner in RL.
I always got the impression that if you bumped into him on the street he could be pleasant enough, but he was hell to work with. If it was just George Takei who had issues with him I'd say it was his problem, but it seems Nimoy was the only one of the cast who could get along with Shatner.
Imho, Shatner has had decades to apologize to his former costars about his behavior and has failed to do so. The only ones he treated with any respect where Nimoy, who may be the only one still speaking to him, and DeForest Kelly. And he only got along with them because, in a blurring of reality with fiction, their characters were the ones close to being his equals on the show. Rank and position determined how close you could get to him. George Takai even claims, though I'm not sure how much of this is true or it's sour grapes on his part with the studio, that Shatner prevented the character of Sulu from being promoted in the film franchise.
Well, that sucks. It's odd because it seems like in recent years Shatner has developed a great ability to laugh at himself. It would have been nice if he could have made more of an effort to befriend his old colleagues now that he isn't taking himself so seriously.
How cute!

It's wonderful his partner proposed, on his knee. I didn't realize Shatner is such an ass.
I think it's so fantastic that George is getting married. What a sweet story! I do hope they post wedding pictures. I absolutely loved getting to see John Barrowman's wedding pictures a few months ago.