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I'm being a very lazy poster this week. I actually tried to post something of slightly more substance last night, but technology thwarted me. I'll try again this weekend when I have more patience.

I'm not a big fan of Rob Thomas (the writer/showrunner not to be confused with the singer whom I adore ;), but I will now be watching his new series, Good Behavior, because Gary Cole has joined the cast! The show also stars Jeffrey Tambor and and Catherine O'Hara, both good actors, but, Gary! :)

For all the Dexter fans, Jimmy Smits has joined the series for it's third season. It sounds like a good role for him and an interesting dynamic for the show.

Has watching TV illegally just gotten faster and easier? The BBC will beginning airing their shows live over the internet. Only UK viewers can watch the programming and must pay a yearly license fee, but anyone want to take bets as to how long it will take for people to find away around this?

Now I am off to watch Swingtown.
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Just as a point of interest - Channel 4 in the UK have been offering free streaming of their terrestrial TV channels over the internet provided one has a TV license for at least two years, since I remember trying it out back when I was living in Plymouth and still actually had a TV license. Which was...a loooong time ago.

I'm honestly not sure how easy it would be to get around. From what I recall from the C4 site, you had to have an account and get them to verify your address and license number, so I imagine you could register an account using someone else's? But short of that, it would probably be a case of actually hacking the system somehow. Which again, doable, but perhaps less easy than just waiting for a few hours for...other nefarious illegal possibilities?

Still it's very interesting to watch the media world catch up with the fact that the internet isn't going to go away any time soon, and to watch the convergance of more and more formats on the almighty web...

Thanks for the link!

eta: OMG I FORGOT TO MENTION! Princess Leia's Dad's gonna be on Dexter! YAY!

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Every time I see an announcement about a new way to view media but you have to do X, Y, and Z in order to do so I think of it as a challenge to would be hackers. ;)

OMG I FORGOT TO MENTION! Princess Leia's Dad's gonna be on Dexter! YAY!

Hee! See, my first thought was, "He's playing another lawyer." I still remember his years on L.A. Law. ;)

And I must ask since I keep getting emails and comments from you at a fairly late hour my time...what the hell time do you go to bed?! :p
Usually I go to bed at about 3am GMT. Today I'm up at 3:53am but I am literally about to go to sleep - I just had a bunch of stuff I was trying to sort out and...feh, it's too easy to stay up late.

The reasons for my insane nocturnal habits are complex, but basically it's at least partly to do with the fact that if Kev and I stay up real late and sleep real late, we get more time to ourselves in the house, since we're living with my parents. This is especially true since my dad works at home, but is usually out at various meetings in the afternoon. It's...a lot less stressful that way? Also, being unemployed at the moment, and having finished my distance learning course and being in a bizarre holding pattern of...waiting means that technically there's no real reason for me not to go to bed at 3 and get up at lunchtime. I'm...reliving my hellish student days! o.O

There's also the fact that I've always been a terrible sleeper - unless I shattered (and usually even then) I just cannot get to sleep in less than an hour - usually longer. And while things are much better now, I know I mentioned how Kev was having some sleep issues, and I think we both got into a (probably unhealthy) pattern of finding it comforting to stay up until we couldn't keep our eyes open and then falling unconscious. ;)

And that is the terribly complex story of my bedtime!