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'Life of the Party' Thoughts

But, first....tonight's Survivor? Best.Episode.EVER.

Now, that's what I call drama! Talk about screwing people over. :) And I don't think I've ever seen Jeff that disgusted with a player before (surprisingly I'm refering to Osten and not Jon). Speaking of which, what the Hell is he still doing there?! I can't stand watching that asshole for 42 minutes let along living in isolated conditions with him for weeks on end. I hate violence but I was actually hoping Rupert would take a swing at him.

OK, now on to

I'm sure many of you will not be shocked to find my reaction to be one of "Eh". I basically sat there thinking "Hey, it's Something Blue, only not nearly as funny". Even the gang's discovery as to Lorne's responsibility for it all played out nearly the same.

It had it's moments. I actually enjoyed DB's performance quite a bit. And I had no problem with he and Eve having sex, but what UST is Lorne talking about? Sorry, these two really don't have any chemistry (at least of the romantic sort). I might have been able to by it if this episode had taken place later in the season and there had been more interaction between Angel and Eve and a more developed relationship. Isn't this only her third episode? And the shower scene just seemed ridiculous.

OK, I said it before, I'm saying it again - Knox is evil. That plus they are practically hitting us over the head with the Fred/Knox relationship early in the season means it won't develop into anything serious.

Wes is still obviously crazy about her and will be seething with jealousy/wearing his heart on his sleeve for some time to come. Sure, she just wants to be friends now, but that doesn't mean that it can't turn into more in the future.

BTW, more evidence that the mind wipe may go beyond erasing memories of Conner...considering Wes' excitement over Fred's mention of becoming closer and Fred seeming rather oblivious to his intentions I'm thinking that neither recall the kiss from last year. Sigh. I'm going to be very bummed to find out that Wes has no recollection of his relationship with Lilah either.

writteninstars, you were oh-so-right about the face. James should never, ever, make it again. Forget it being un-Spikelike, that's just a face no actor/character should ever make.

Who the Hell came up with Lorne's subconcious manifesting as the Hulk? The movie sucked people. We don't need a 'tribute'.

And to dig deep for a moment, when W&H agreed to remove Lorne's sleep, why didn't they mention the nasty side effects for an empath? I find it hard to believe it was an oversight, especially since the book was right there.

I feel as if I'm missing something to complain about, but it's time for bed now.
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