Asta 2

Doing This Ass Backwards

I'll get to thoughts about 'The Hub' later, but I need to make a few comments about the promo for the mid-season finale now.

Lee is on the verge of airlocking Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders as Kara bursts in and stops him. It seems he learned a lot from Laura. ;) It also seems as if he's still acting president. Does the Quorum need to meet to rescind his appointment? Or is Laura allowing him to continue in the position while she deals with D'Anna and the Cylon situation? And is it significant that Dee is standing next to Lee?

Kara seemed to be thinking of Sam as a Cylon rather than her husband. Hmmm.

Why did Tigh out himself/out all of them? What was the trigger? And why was Lee punching him? For lying to him? For lying to his father? For giving him crap all those years?

Baltar apparently heals really fast. :p
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Thanks! As usual, the space preview provides a few more bits of the puzzle, yet it leaves me even more confused! It looks like Adama is holding someone in the last clip, but I can't make out who.
I'm guessing it's not earth. They may think they've found earth, but once they get there they either find out they are wrong or it's not what they hoped for/expected.

I'm curious to know what causes Adama to break down like that. Is it one thing or a culmination of choices he has made over the years? Sending people to their deaths - he's done that for decades.
Yep, I'm freaking out. I'm not sure I like the idea of Lee being so quick to airlock their asses. :S
Lee's actions sort of don't surprise me - just because he's the acting President. However because I can see no wrong in Kara (except when she's very, very wrong), I interpreted what she said as sort of quoting everyone else's depiction of them "'Those three Cylons' just gave us Earth". How she actually sees them is still open to interpretation.
I'm not judging Kara based on the very brief clip. I was just thinking if she really was that quick to turn off her feelings for Sam, then that opens up another can of worms. And don't we have enough worms to deal with already? ;)
I watched all three versions of the promo and I'm left as curious as I was before. I do know I am not emotionally ready for this to be the last episode until time uknown. :(