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Doing This Ass Backwards

I'll get to thoughts about 'The Hub' later, but I need to make a few comments about the promo for the mid-season finale now.

Lee is on the verge of airlocking Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders as Kara bursts in and stops him. It seems he learned a lot from Laura. ;) It also seems as if he's still acting president. Does the Quorum need to meet to rescind his appointment? Or is Laura allowing him to continue in the position while she deals with D'Anna and the Cylon situation? And is it significant that Dee is standing next to Lee?

Kara seemed to be thinking of Sam as a Cylon rather than her husband. Hmmm.

Why did Tigh out himself/out all of them? What was the trigger? And why was Lee punching him? For lying to him? For lying to his father? For giving him crap all those years?

Baltar apparently heals really fast. :p
Tags: battlestar galactica s4
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