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"Fine, Data's a Toaster"

I watched SciFi's Star Trek: The Next Generation mini marathon last night. Unlike last Monday's line up, these were all good episodes and one outstanding one, 'The Measure of a Man'. Not all ST:TNG holds up well, but that episode is a classic. It wasn't until Captain Phillipa Louvois's remark about Data that it hit me Ron Moore borrowed quite a bit from his old series. I'm not even certain if he was on staff in the second season, he didn't become a producer until 1991, but the influence of this episode on BSG is clear. Picard is fighting to prove that Data, a machine, is a sentient being with the same rights as humans. And arguing that Starfleet, by claiming Data as property, has the potential for creating a slave race. At the conclusion I was left with to wonder, what if? What if Picard had lost his case, Data was forced to be disassembled for study, and Starfleet created a whole army of Datas with the likelihood of them, eventually, turning on their masters.

And watching all the episodes I got to not-so-fondly recall how much I hated Doctor Pulaski. If she wasn't acting as if she was smarter than everyone else, she was treating Data like he was nothing more than a walking computer. I was so thrilled when they dumped her and brought Doctor Crusher back.

While watching ST:TNG I saw numerous promos for this week's mid season finale of BSG. Or, more precisely, I saw the same promo over and over and over again. It's similar to the one shown at the end of 'The Hub' with one noticeable difference.

We now see a close up of Lee before Kara rushes in and stops him from pushing the button and airlocking Tigh, Anders, and Tyrol into space. He has tears in his eyes! This is AWESOME. I was worried that we wouldn't get any reaction from Lee, but he's served with two of the men for years and, if not close friends, he's been friendly with Tyrol and even Sam. I'm so thrilled we are going to see his pain at the betrayal of trust he must feel and also at what he believes he must do. Woo!

Prior to House, Hugh Laurie did a series over in England called Fortysomething. Has anyone reading this seen it? Is it funny? I ask, because Deep Discount is having one of their 20& off sales and I can get a really good price on the box set. But if it's crap, I don't want to waste the money.
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