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Just Because BSG is on Hiatus Doesn't Mean I Won't Still be Squeeing About It

One day I'm going to do a post of substance. Today is not that day.

The good people at Mozilla have launched Firefox 3. I've only been playing around with it since last night, but I like subtle changes they've made. I did have to tweak my text settings because a few LJs and a some emails looked wonky.

Zap2It has an AWESOME interview with Mary McDonnell. She not only discusses Laura, but talks at great length about Lee. If that alone didn't make me giddy (yes, I used the term giddy), I share the following quotes - "he's the one" and "I think she loves him." Alright, I'm taking the lines out of context, but let me enjoy the moment! No spoilers in the interview beyond 'Revelations'.

As happy as Mary's interview made me, Mark Verheiden's Q&A with made me happier. I haven't been proven right, but I haven't been proven wrong either! ;-) Again, no spoilers beyond 'Revelations'.

The NBC Universal Store is selling posters of the 'Last Supper' photo, limited to a print run of 500. At a reasonable $15, I pre-ordered one. They won't ship until July 29th, but I have a feeling they'll sell out soon.

And possibly related to BSG, sdwolfpup has declared July 3rd to be More Joy Day! Details can be found on her LJ here. Start planning people! :)
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Thanks. That was actually a transcript of the podcast interview he did recently. I have the link bookmarked to post to the comm one of these days, but I figured there was no rush considering it was a transcript.
The more I think I about it, the more I think it's not Earth. I'm sure there are plenty of blue planets out there.
I'm more open to the possibility that it's not Earth now, but I just hope if they do pull a Earth bait and switch that it's well justified in the plot and--dear gods--doesn't involve time travel!

Ordered a poster! Thanks for the head's up!
Heh. Just when I swing people to my way of thinking, Ron will probably confirm it is earth. ;p However, if it's not, I don't think they'd go the time travel route. That was something 'Star Trek' fell back on a lot and Ron has worked hard to distance himself from the constructs of that show.

After I ordered one poster I thought that maybe I should have ordered two and perhaps I could get one autographed. But, unlike a lot of people who collect autographs, I only like one autograph per item. I think it gets too messy with all those signatures. And I like looking at the actual image. :)
I softened on my stance when I learned there were 3 or 4 other planets whose constellations also match that are habitable. My conviction it's Earth will all depend on how things proceed from here.

Hmm. Getting a second one would be a good idea... Hrm. Oh well. They're nicely spaced out on the poster, so you could probably avoid the autographs running into each other, but I know what you mean. I half ordered mine with the thought that I might get it autographed at Dragon*Con. I'm just bummed it won't come in time for JumpCon when I could have gotten Eddie & Mary...
You're going to be at DC this year? Cool! We'll have to meet up at some point. :)
Shayna's half convinced me to go. I haven't bought tickets yet, but it seems quite likely.
I've had my registration card and hotel room since last year so I'll definitely be there. ;) It would be great to meet you if you can make it. Shayna and I are in the same hotel and we have each others cell numbers so she can always act as a go-between. :)
::clings to Mary McDonnell::

Damn, I' excited/nervous/terrified/exhilirated about the finale of this show. Damn, I'm pissed off about this six month (at least) hiatus.

Damn, Mary McDonell knows how to pull at my heartstrings.

And you know what, those quotes you give out of context? Who cares. They're true. I've made my peace with the fact that the show is going the A/R route: I'm relieved and grateful and excited that the lead actress understands how beautiful and compelling her loving relationship (whatever form that love takes) with Lee is.

Please all to be replacing the "Laura Roslin" in my icon with "Mary McDonell".
It is just so AWESOME that Mary gets Lee and Laura and the importance of their relationship. Having been fortunate enough to have spoken to her, I know she would have been completely on board with the relationship turning romantic, but, as you said, it wasn't to be. But she gets there is love there, in some form, and that the writers can't ignore it. And I love that she seems to believe Lee and Laura is just as important as Adama and Laura. Wheeee!!!