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I'm Bored so More Links For You All

'The Sarah Conner Chronicles' adds another cast member. No spoilers unless you count said actress (no one I know) being cast in the role of...a very brief character description.

The latest TSCC news reminded me of something I forgot to mention a week or so ago. I was reading about the participation of the actors from Beverly Hills 90210 in the upcoming spinoff/reboot of the show and writer of the article felt he had to inform readers that if anyone was looking forward to a Donna/David reunion FOX had put the kibosh on that. My immediate reaction was, "Did Brian Austin Green even want to come back?" He's finally getting critical praise for a role and is so in demand that the showrunners and FOX scrambled to get him to commit to a contract as a series regular. I would think the last thing he would want to do right now is return to the role of David Silver.

I haven't watched Smallville in years, but Crashdown AKA Sam Witer has landed a role on the series next season. Spoilers for whatever this last season of Smallville was.

I heard the other day that Paul Campbell had been cast on the new 'Knight Rider'. But let us not speak of that.

Due to low ratings, even by SciFi standards apparently, the network has decided to move Charlie Jade from Fridays at 8 to 3:00am. O_o I found the news here. While I agree, in general, with the poster's views on some of SciFi's programing and their marketing department, I don't agree with his choice of words. If you read the article, you'll know what I'm talking about.
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