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Weekend Recap

Surprise, surprise it was uneventful. I did go see the sneak peek of Love Actually on Saturday. I'd highly recommend this film. Terrific cast (Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, and *sigh* Colin Firth) and very funny. My only criticism (and, yes, I always have a criticism :p) is that there were too many characters. I swear there were at least 15 'leads' in this pic and I just felt a few of their stories could have been left out. Still, I liked the film a lot. It's worth the price of admission just to see Hugh Grant dance. And did I mention Colin Firth is in it? ;)

I also (finally!) started watching my Alias Season 1 DVD's. I've only managaed to watch three episodes thus far. I'd forgotten so much. Francie's fiance, the rather lo-tech looking CIA offices, Syd believing her mother dead, and the hostility between Syd and Vaughn. Granted, she did have some trust issues when she first met him. Nothing like having your fiance murdered by your boss, discovering your father has lied to you most of your life, and then being informed you are working for the very people you think you are trying to bring down. I suppose it could sour you on people even when they are as cute as Michael Vartan. :)

As for last nights Alias, I don't have much to say so I'll forgo the cut tag. It was a solid, if not spectacular outing, with at least an interesting twist at the end.
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I have nothing substantial to add other than Colin - *sigh*. Oh - and Alan Rickman too! Must go and watch this movie as soon as possible, but I don't think it's out yet ...
And there should be another Colin-movie soon, "Hope Springs".

Oh, thanks for the Colin update. I wasn't aware of that one. :)

Love your icon by the way. It's cracking me up. Wonder if that qualifies as looking at porn at work? ;)
I'm looking forward to seeing Love, Actually. What a great cast! I'm thinking about going to the movies today, maybe seeing Intolerable Cruelty, but I'm not sure I can work up the energy to get dressed and leave the house.
Well, you can do what my friend Stacy does and go in her pajamas. :)

I haven't seen Intolerable Cruely yet. I'm thinking I may wait for it on DVD. The firm had a showing of Runaway Jury the other night. It was actually better than I expected it to be. I hear it differs quite a bit from the book and I'm not sure that's a good or bad thing. Of course, Dustin Hoffman sounding like Dorothy from Tootsie was a bit disconcerting. :p
Gah! Jack and I were so mad when the sneak preview for Love Actually wasn't here. Grrr. I'm glad it's good though. We'll just have to hope that it actually makes it here. Stoopid two-theatre town. ::kicks town::

Also? I am going to start my Alias DVDs tonight. You have inspired me.
Stoopid two-theatre town. ::kicks town::

See, yet another reason you must visit me, we have four theatres and an IMAX! :)

Also? I am going to start my Alias DVDs tonight. You have inspired me.

Awwww. I think I'll be watching some more tonight since Monday night viewing generally sucks. I'd have gotten to them sooner but they arrived the same day as Season 2 of Angel and Joss always wins out. ;)
I think I'll be watching some more tonight since Monday night viewing generally sucks.

Aww. That's only 'cause you don't watch Everwood. Silly girl. :p
Oh, thanks for the rec on Love Actually! Cindy and I can't wait to see it. Any movie that has both Colin and Alan in it gets my instant love :)

We taped Alias last night because we watched the CBS 75th Anniversary special, which I would also call solid if not spectacular.
I thought Alan and Emma made a very believable married couple. And, throw in Hugh Grant and you have a Sense and Sensibility reunion!