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Don S Davis RIP

I was extremely busy at work today and am just finding out via my FList that Don S Davis passed away yesterday. He was only 65. As much as I loved him as General Hammond, one of my lasting memories of him will be at Dragon Con. I remember navigating a very crowded autograph area with danceswithwords when we happened to catch site of Don posing with a cute as a button three or four year who was dressed exactly like Harry Potter. Don looked as thrilled as the kid posing for pictures. You'll be missed, Don.
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I just read that myself not five minutes ago, and was thinking about a couple of years ago when I nearly ran right into him in the lobby of the Marriott, and how generous and kind he always seemed to be to the fans. To me, of course, he'll always be Scully's dad as well as Major Briggs from Twin Peaks; what a nice career he carved out playing military men in sci-fi themed shows. He will indeed be missed.
I thought of that very moment when I heard the news. He seemed like a genuinely nice person. Rest in peace, Hammond of Texas.
I am a brand spanking new Stargate fan, I literally started watching two months ago and really loved his acting and character. I am truly bummed.
He genuinely seemed like a classy individual and I'm sure he will be missed by many people whose lives he touched without even realizing it.
It's so sad, especially since he wasn't brought back for the final Gates.

It really hit me in the gut because he's the same age as my parents, too.
Actually, according to promo pics he is in Continuum. Unfortunately, it may be too late to include any sort of tribute to him in the credits. I already saw a download for the DVD online.

He's the same age as my mother so I understand how you feel.