Asta 2

Quick Update

In case you hadn't heard, massive storms hit Michigan yesterday and I'm one of the 107,000 people currently without power. Power may not be restored to some areas until as late as Saturday. Obviously, I do have power at work. ;)

Unfortunately, due to procrastination and the power outage, I shall have no contribution for More Joy Day! I do look forward to everyone else's contributions. And I am working on something with beccatoria (who, to be honest is doing like 80% of the work!) which I think has the possibility to be quite joyful. :)
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I was thinking of you last night. We had it bad here too, but somehow managed to maintain our electricity. It flickered a couple times but always came back.

I hope it's not too hot for you in your apt until your power comes back.
I'm not too worried about the heat at this point. It's only supposed to get around 75 today and I live in a ground floor apartment that is heavily shaded.

Love your icon! :)
I'm currently at about 25 seconds which to be honest is less than I'd have hoped, but I went and forgot that most of my season one and two episodes - that I haven't used in most of my recent vids - are in a different aspect ratio so I had to resize then. Which isn't difficult but is time-consuming... So anyway, hooray for PROJECTS and I'm sorry you have no power!

Also there shall be NO APOLOGISING for sneaking in extra Laura. Like you said, IT IS OUR THINGY AND WE SHALL DO AS WE LIKE!
I have to say I'm incredibly impressed that you are already at 25 seconds! Obviously, I know nothing about this process. ;p

Sorry about the aspect ratio problems, but at least you'll have them fixed for next time. :)

Yes, we shall not apologize for our Laura/Lee love! And just because the show has opted not to show their undying love for one another doesn't mean it's not there. Subtext people! And if you happen to find any other ways to insert them, I won't argue with you. ;-)
Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope it's not too hot up there while you're without power.

I have two small little gifts for you for MJ Day, though. :)

Hang in there. :)
It's only supposed to get as high as about 75 today, so not unbearable. Plus my apartment doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight.

Yikes! I hadn't heard about the storms yet until just now, in fact, so I called home to see how the folks were doing and yep, they were out of power too, for about five hours yesterday. (The dog was apparently scared spitless by all the thunder)

Hope you're up and running again soon!
What a pain! We were very fortunate in that we just got some rain for about a half hour. The north side had it worse. I did hear that the Lake was dangerouse for a while due to the winds. Good thing it cooled off.
Hope your power is back on, if not now, then soon! And it's never too late for joy. Never. :-)