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Another Quick Update

Happy Fourth of July to whomever (or is it whoever, I always get those confused) celebrates it. I just completed my usual tradition, watching 1776. And, oh, yes, I do have my power back! Actually, I got it back last night even though the power company stated power may not be restored until tomorrow night. I had packed a bag and headed to my mom's house after work yesterday, her power was restored around 4pm, but I decided to call my apartment around 11:00 and, as luck would have it, the answering machine was on. My mom was disappointed I wasn't going to be spending the night, but after a stressful week I wanted to sleep in my own bed and, more importantly, she doesn't have internet access. ;)

Today I basically lounged around either inside or out. I began my Clean Out the Email project. One account is down from 210 to 70. Woo!

And I started to clean out old paperwork, but that was thwarted by some sort of back spasm (which is already better due to Advil and heat). Btw, does anyone have a good resource for how long you are supposed to retain certain records. The old standard use to be seven years, but is that for everything? I saw on three sites different time frames for credit card statements - three months, three years, and six years. Three months seems too short to me, but either of the others could be accurate. And you're supposed to keep utility bills for a year. Really? I've been shredding them as soon as the next months statement arrives.
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No idea about how long to retain records, but congrats on getting your electricity back!
Yay to electricity-having and internet-surfing!

I have no idea about record-keeping. I tend to keep everything. :-)
I :::love::: 1776. Wincott is completely incandescent in that movie, especially in the scene where he's on his horse and all the native guys are surrounding him and he and the horse are going round and round like a joint on a rotisserie...

I always heard from my father that it was retain things for 5 years in case of an audit. He was an accountant at then Upjohn.

But that was eons ago....