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Home Sick

Well, it seems I might have chicken pox. I won't know until tomorrow since that is the earliest I can get in to see my doctor. I'm one of those people that didn't have it when they were a kid so I thought at 36 I'd be safe. But after experiencing aches and pains since Friday (which I originally attributed to stress), then a fever of 101 on Saturday night, followed by what I thought was a really bad ache breakout Sunday night, I checked out WebMD and it seems I have symptoms associated with chicken pox. When I woke up this morning and found the 'pimples' had multiplied and spread, I made an appointment with the doctor. The one thing that is holding me back from a definitive diagnosis is that it doesn't look like I what chicken pox usually look like and I'm not itchy. Which, hey, not complaining!

I actually feel better than I did this weekend, I just look like crap. ;p I think I may attempt to do some light cleaning. Or finish cleaning out my email. I have one account down to 10. Woo! And another down to 100 from 234. I've also been answering work emails or forwarding them to people which I'm sure my co-workers are loving. :)

I'll also work on posting a more entertaining post soon.
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Sorry you are feeling so poorly.

Hopefully is not something picked from the trail.

Praying for you.
Oh no! Whatever it is, I hope you're feeling better soon. Keep up posted.
*gives you a hug because she has already had chicken pox*

Whether it's that or not, I hope you feel better. And if I finish the first draft of The Thing before you're better, there's really no hurry on getting any feedback back to me. First priority is feeling better!
Yipe! Chicken pox is no fun! I had it as a child and remember being very itchy and uncomfortable. Hope you're all better soon.

I get to use my Daffy icon again. ;)
Feel betetr!

I had chicken pox as as kid. I think. I was six months old so I don't remember it.
I'm really really glad you're going in to see the doctor! Chicken Pox is no fun and less fun for adults.

feel better, petal. and dream of jamie nursing you back to health.
Wow, yikes! Best of luck getting over it soon!

Just don't scratch at the spots, or you'll end up with those lovely scars that I *still* have 23 years after my own bout. ;)
Woe! That sucks. I got it when I was 19 and in the midst of finals week. :0) Fortunately all the people on my teams in school had had it, and so they got to come to my house for meetings and see me in all my scabby glory. :0)

Seconding wisteria's comment not to scratch - it's hard, though!! I hear Aveeno baths are helpful.
So sorry you are feeling so poorly. That sucks. Years back, my husband had shingles (he never had chicken pox either). He said it didn't itch either and it sounded a lot like what you described here. :(

Hope you feel better soon!
Oh no!!! I do hope you feel better soon, no matter what the diagnosis ends up being.
Oh no! I had them when I was 14 and it was horrible. I hope they stay non-itching! *hugs*
Ack! I hope it isn't too uncomfortable; from what I've heard, adult cases can be quite a bit more serious than the childhood ones, but it doesn't sound like you're too badly off.

Aveeno oatmeal baths are a godsend if you're covered with itchy spots.

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You poor thing! Whatever it is, I hope it's gone very very soon. Did you ever have the measles? Since you aren't itchy, I'm wondering if it could be the three-day measles.
Oh dear. You have the pox! Sorry, petal. I hope this continues to be a relatively discomfort-free zone.
Oh no! I'm glad to hear you're not feeling completely terrible anymore, but I hope the breakout clears up soon!

My chicken pox story (which I know you're dying to hear): I had it the last week of kindergarten and had to stay out of school, which was terrible because I was supposed to play Miss U in the kindergarten play about the alphabet. I would have gotten to carry an umbrella on stage! You can imagine my heartbreak.
I hope you feel better soon, and it turns out to be something gentler than Chicken Pox. But if it is, I second the rec of Aveeno oatmeal bath.
Yikes! Adult chicken pox is a serious thing, take good care of yourself. Get well soon, Asta! [crossing fingers and hoping it's something more mild]
Welcome to the rash-zone. I hope it's not chicken pox - I had that at 24, no fun! Does it itch?
You have my commiserations about the chicken pox. I was in a similar boat a couple of years ago when I caught it at a slightly younger age (having avoided it during my childhood somehow!).

Mind you, didn't know that was what I had for a bit as it was a weekend and I couldn't see a doctor and the person from the NHS helpline said it sounded like an allergic reaction to something so I was oblivious for days to the fact I actually had the pox!
The fortunate part in all this is I had my suspicions fairly early that it was chicken pox, double checked on Web MD, and then my doctor merely confirmed my diagnosis. ;) He was relieved I came in to see him as soon as I could instead of just letting it go. "At my age" it can be serious. But, other than a few stubborn scabs, I'm all healed up now. :)