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It Is Chicken Pox

At least I get to be right. :) My doctor confirmed my diagnosis and it turned into quite the to do at the office. He couldn't remember the last time he saw a case of the chicken pox. He was so excited he asked if he could bring in a colleague. Then she got all excited because THEY NEVER SEE THIS! IT'S A CLASSIC CASE! I was waiting for them to ask if they could take pictures to pass around. Or if it was OK to write me up in a medical journal. :p

Because of my age, he did give me a prescription to prevent this from getting worse. Pneumonia is a possibility, but my lungs are clear and it's more of a concern for people over 60. I've also slathered on Calomyn lotion and picked up some Aveeno bath for later. I'm going to get some sleep first since I only got a couple hours last night due to the itching finally kicking in. The best part of this? The earliest I can return to work is next Monday. Hee! Yes, my coworkers are none to happy. While I am contagious and can't go out, I'm not sick in the traditional sense so I can do stuff around the apartment, perhaps write, and enjoy some DVDs.

Thanks for all the well wishes on my last post. I assume you'll forgive me if I don't respond to all of you. And a special thanks to beccatoria for lifting my spirits last night. ;-)
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i am sorry to hear you are ill. hopefully you'll be back on your feet soon. still, cool about not having to go to work. perhaps we could throw a "i'm not going to work" party or something, i'm off until august 17th. :)

will you be writing fic? and meta? both are long overdue, especially that meta you mentioned you were going to write about carnivale and bsg. i haven't forgotten.

anyways, take care of yourself. :)
My feet and hands are unaffected! Woo!

My first priority is finishing up my semi-sekrit project with beccatoria. Which, hopefully, many of you will like. :) After that, I really would like to get back to writing fic. I actually thought a little about Lee and Laura last night as I was trying to fall asleep. And I want to do a BSG rewatch. Not sure if I'll get to the Carnivale rewatch right now and I really do need to watch at least Season 1 again to do a BSG/Carnivale comparison post. I also have a long gestating Doctor Who post which will probably include some unpopular opinions. And Burn Notice starts up again this week so I'm sure I'll post about that.

Plus, I really need to do laundry and pick up this dump. ;p
I hope it passes with minimal discomfort and that you don't have any pox in bad places (your mileage about a bad place will vary- I hated the ones on my scalp).

I had it when I was a junior in college. It sucked. Try not to scratch when the scabs come and feel better soon!
The scalp ones may be the worst. Not only are they itchy, but they are making my hair hurt! Fortunately, I seem to have been spared any in really uncomfortable places. Though, I have one right behind my ear where the stem of my glasses rest. :/

And thanks!
Ah shit. I hope it passes really quickly! Itching is pure torture.
The itching isn't fun, but it's not as bad as I feared. Right now, I'm working on cleaning the tub so I can take an Aveeno bath which should help.
When you said you weren't itchy, I was thinking, "Then it's not Chicken Pox."

But, I guess the itch started late, huh?

Enjoy your vacation - but feel better soon. :)
The itching started last night. My doctor didn't seemed surprised that I wasn't itchy immediately. Of course, he was still dealing with the shock of me having chicken pox. I wonder of the insurance company will believe him? ;p

Thanks. :)
The earliest I can return to work is next Monday. Hee! Yes, my coworkers are none to happy. While I am contagious and can't go out, I'm not sick in the traditional sense so I can do stuff around the apartment, perhaps write, and enjoy some DVDs.

Well, that's definitely the best possible outcome! I hope the itching stays minimal.
The itching, thus far, is not as bad as I feared. I've had worse with hives.

Btw, you don't get an early showing of Burn Notice like you do with BSG, do you?
Ouch, that sucks! I remember the itching, especially in Michigan summer, as being absolutely awful. Calamine lotion is so your friend.

I hope you get to watch some cool DVD marathons!
Luckily, I have air conditioning...and a fan blowing on me right now. It helps! :)
I am very sorry you have the pox. But right now, sitting at work as I am, I am actually rather jealous...
I actually had a moment when I thought about the plague, but I think that involves black spots. ;)

Work vs chicken pox. Tough call.
No, I'm not super ill and, according to my doctor, I could be so I guess I should consider myself lucky. Apparently, it's good I got it now as opposed to when I'm 60 or I would be seeing about getting my affairs in order. :p
Sorry about the itching! Hopefully you're well stocked-up on lots of Jamie to distract you!

Not that it's important, but how in the world do you think you caught it? Hanging out with gradeschoolers? *g*
Actually, I was around gradeschoolers! A week ago Friday it was 'Bring Your Child to Work Day' at my office. A friend called me last night after she recalled she saw a child with some red spots. She didn't think much about it at the time because no way would a parent bring a child with chicken pox to work! :/

And I do have Jamie to distract me! All will be revealed. ;)
Sorry you have a migraine. :( No worries about being late, I'll be here all week! ;)
I'm sorry to hear that you're ill, but relieved to hear that it's something that isn't debilitating and which gives you the chance to relax around the house. Of course, if this were an episode of Friends, Charlie Sheen would be arriving from a submarine for his first leave in a year to see you...
Yeah, my doctor informed me how bad this can be for adults, but he didn't seem overly concerned that I would be the worst case scenario. He was glad I had the sense to come in and see him and prevent it from progressing any further.
I hope the itching is minimal - and that you will enjoy being off work, but then that's a given :)
First, I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Take care of you and get well soon.
Second, I am officially no longer planning our outings as they obviously have dire results and I no longer wish to be in-part responsible for the consequences. :-)
I'm blaming Jumpcon! ;)

I was contaminated long before this past weekend, so please don't stop throwing out suggestions. Actually, I had one, but that's obviously going to be delayed for a couple weeks.
Welcome to the wonderful world of every Dr. want to see your medical case!

Back in the day; I was photographed, included on the rounds of the Senior Fellows examined by every visiting Dr. in the hospital, and even now I'm the poster child for how thing were done "in the old days" before all the modern techniques they use for spinal fusion.

Makes you feel special eh?

On a serious note I hope things are going well for you. Get plenty of rest and as much as possible keep smiling with that bubbly personality that you have. ;-)
Sorry I missed your phone call. I was cleaning out messages last night and I totally missed yours! Thanks for the offer, but I'm surviving. :)