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Battlestar Galactica Vid: 'The Ladies' Choice!'

If you are a regular reader here or at beccatoria's LJ or both then you know we've been not-so-subtly hinting at a project we've been working on. Well, the day has finally arrived to reveal it to the world or at least LJ. The idea was mine. The actual vidding, which, imho, was a good 80% of the process, was all beccatoria's.

Title: The Ladies' Choice!
Song: "Ladies' Choice" from the film Hairspray
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Spoilers: The series to date, up to and including 'Revelations'
Summary: Um, at one point in the creative process I referred to this as "hot guys getting laid" so I guess we could go with that.
Feedback: Would be much appreciated. And even though, after much debate, we decided just to post the vid on my LJ, Becka will be checking in frequently so if you have any questions or praise for her she will see it. :)


I have a few thoughts about the process.

Several months ago I had an idea for another vid. Becka was kind enough to volunteer at the time to help bring my idea to fruition, but, for various reasons, that fell by the wayside, though it looks like we may get to it in 2009. ;) Then, a couple months ago, HBO started running Hairspray and I kind of obsessively started watching it and listening to the soundtrack in my car to and from work. One day, as I was listening to 'Ladies' Choice', images of Lee Adama popped into my head. A vid idea was born. I quickly realized that, as much as I love Lee, he alone would not sustain this vid, so others were added. The line about baby making three just screamed Helo to me.

As more and more images came together in my wacky brain, I went to Becka and asked if she still had any interest in working together. As luck would have it, she was still interested and had some time to kill. I did warn that I do not generally play well with others, but it did not deter her. Since I procrastinate, a couple weeks passed until I got my 'storyboard' together for her. When I got the first cut a week ago, I was blown away. I didn't think it would be possible to convert what was in my head to a vid. She not only was able to include everything I wanted, she added to it. Some of my notes were simple (and vague) like "I think we need Tory here" and "I'm not sure what to do with Sam". And the brilliant idea of having Laura introduce the boys? All her.

The version you are seeing is the third draft. I did have some notes after the first draft such as "we need to linger on Lee in the maroon shirt longer" and "wasn't there footage of Sharon's spine glowing?" There was also much talk about "the aborted blowjob". After the second draft we both had some nagging concerns about one tiny section...that I won't point out.

All in all, it was a fabulous experience. I learned more about vidding and editing and, most importantly, Becka is still speaking to me. :)

One final note, marenfic and greycoupon, I think you will both get a kick out of this, though for different reasons. ;-)
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Oh, that's fantastic! Well done, both of you! I'm always extra thrilled when people step back and stop taking BSG so seriously because it so rarely manages not to take itself seriously.

And I'm fascinated by your comments on the vid-making process. I have a really terrible visual memory, and although there have been occasional moments where a certain song made me think of certain characters in a "wouldn't it be great if someone vidded X to this song" kind of way, my brain is pretty much unable to go any further than that because I've no memory at all for clips or scenes or what would look good in a vid. So I'm so impressed, Asta, that you followed through in this way on your idea, and impressed as ever, Becka, by your editing!
Things have been so dark and serious this season.l..and could the ending have been any bleaker? I thought it would be the perfect time to try and bring a little humor to the fandom.

I have to admit I struggled with some clips. There were a couple of shots that we agreed to lose because we seemed to remember them differently than they actually appeared on the show. It might have been wishful thinking on my part. ;) But it was fabulous to see certain clips work out as perfectly as I had hoped. Becka did an awesome job with the "Woo!"s.

ASTA! FRAKTASTIC! This is one of the best BSG vids I've ever seen. Mind if I share over at Skiffy or do you want to hop over there and post it?
Thank you!

I'm not a member of the Skiffy board, but I have no problem if you would like to link. :)
Hee. I agree with the poster above, MUCH amusement to be had here. Also, I love Hairspray and all the music. *gushes*

Also Laura/Lee?! ZOMG, I have SUCH a soft spot for them, I do I do. And so it makes me totally flaily to see so much of them in this vid. Hee! *g* Can I ask, during the video editing process who's idea was it to include a bit of L/L in here? I'm not really particular on any Laura and/or Lee ship to be honest with you (they're all pretty, I ship all of them with each other, it doesn't matter to me, lol) but damn, they have such chemistry (for actors in their range, ie: younger/older) and it's a shame the writers let that (and their scenes/relationship together) slide after like, three eps of s1. *sigh*

In short, I loved it, and have saved it to my hard drive for repeat viewings. You guys rock in the mv department btw, you should totally do more together. ;-)

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I LOVE your comment...and let me explain why! Technically, since I storyboarded most of the vid including the Lee/Laura references was my idea. However, both Becka and I are Lee/Laura shippers so she was completely onboard with their inclusion. We tried to squeeze in as much footage of them as we could without looking biased. And we joked that we were going to get some grief from people for including them, BUT WE DIDN'T CARE! ;) Because, yes, they have awesome chemistry and if the writers had some brains (and courage) they would have had them hook up at some point.

So, you've made us both very happy. And vindicated!

Btw, since I'm in a self pimping mood, just in ase you may be interested, I've written some Lee/Laura fic. I have it linked at the top of my LJ. I hope to work on another fic during the hiatus. And Becka and I do hope to work together in the future. :)
hehe! that was fun. kudos to both of you! i think i was especially giddy about the laura/lee bits, then again, i don't think i would have expected them NOT to make an appearance.

you know, sometimes i get pretty decent ideas for vids, but i don't think i could ever actually MAKE a video. tried once, didn't work out all that well. did you have like a storyboard with drawings and stuff like directors do before setting up a shot?
Awesome! I'm so glad to know you had a good time watching it!

As to the storyboard, no, there were no pictures because we're not actually composing the shot - we're stuck with what's in the episodes. So basically asta77 told me which scene from which episode she wanted to use. Sometimes, like with the tiny towel scene, for instance, there was only one shot to choose from. Other times, like for instance Kara and Lee making out in Scar, meant that I had a bunch of shots and angles to choose from and then it was largely me making the creative choices, then running them back past asta77 for notes and to ask what was working and what wasn't?

Wow, long reply to a short question! :D
That was fun! I hadn't realized the boys had had so much . . . action. :-) It was peppy with sweet monogamous Helo at the end. And even though it was ladies' choice it was slightly . . . slashy? Hee, I'm having fun watching this one! Thanks you guys!
There is a little Sam/Lee and Helo/Lee isn't there? ;) As I was storyboarding it actually occurred to me that there were ways to make it quite slashy, but then that would be getting away from the song and my original intent. I certainly don't mind if there are hints of it though - the show makes it so easy for us sometimes!

I think these guys are getting much more action than you think when you cut all the various sex scenes together. I jokingly referred to turning Lee into a manwhore at one point.

Glad you are enjoying it! :)
I've been living in Doctor Who angst-land for the past few weeks and not giving BSG terribly much thought. What an incredibly fun way to re-embrace my core fandom. This was kooky, fun, and hot all at the same time. You gals are made of win!
Awwwww, such a nice compliment. I'm glad you are enjoying it. This fandom needs a break from the angst!
That was so much fun! I really like the part with Helo and his little Hera ;) Nice touch.
Even though I knew it was coming, as I watched the first cut of the vid, when Helo kissed Hera on the cheek I went, "Awwwwww".

And thank you!
Ooh, this is fun! And clever! And fun!

The intro is wonderful, so bouncy; that shot of Laura is great, and the show-internal camera work fits beautifully with what you're doing with that song.

I love how you transition between the guys, not at the end of the chorus but on the last line -- the one between Baltar and Lee especially, with the head-meet-mirror moment, and of course the red shirt of hotness as the first eye-catcher of such a transition works extremely well for me. :-)

I had almost forgotten how much Lee has gotten around...

Great shot of Anders at 1.22. The Anders section intrigues me; after Lee's parade of girls, he seems almost chaste there, and the footage generally makes this bit seem like we're in much more serious territory and he's the more serious guy. Now that I think about it, from there you go on to Helo, family man -- was that sort of progression intentional or am I reading too much into it?

Also love the final montage of the guys. Great Lee choice at 2.09, and I like the arm-thumping/hugging hints between the guys even though with the song it makes them look collectively smug. :-)

Very nice job, great cutting choices, and I just love the general idea/song choice.
I envisioned, if possible, the transitions happening on "the ladies choice." It's good to hear that the Baltar/Lee transition worked so well for you. Becka came up with Baltar's head meeting the mirror, but I was insistent that that shot of Lee be used. I couldn't imagine a stronger (or prettier) image of Lee to introduce his segment. And I turned Lee into quite the slut, didn't I? ;)

That shot of Anders at 1:22 (I had to go back and watch the vid for the time markers!) and the subsequent clip is an interesting story. I had originally scribbled down to use the shot of Sam falling off the viper and landing on his face because I thought the idea of this 'ladies choice' being such a klutz was funny. But I wasn't sure where to include the shot and I thought Becka would think I was crazy so I didn't include it in the storyboard. So imagine my surprise (and amusement) when I saw that she decided to use it. Turns out she almost didn't because she thought I would think she was crazy. Yes, we learned to communicate more after that. I do love how she timed Sam's yell and Lee's jumping up from the table perfectly with the "Woo!"s.

The Anders section intrigues me; after Lee's parade of girls, he seems almost chaste there, and the footage generally makes this bit seem like we're in much more serious territory and he's the more serious guy. Now that I think about it, from there you go on to Helo, family man -- was that sort of progression intentional or am I reading too much into it?

There were a few times I was getting rather meta-y about the vid and Becka thought I was nuts so I can't wait to read her response to your comment. :) You have a very interesting observation, but, to be honest, the placement of the characters and selections of clips was what I felt best suited the lyrics. For instance, hearing "I've got something traffic stopping" screamed Lee in the towel to me. And Helo with "baby makes three" was a natural choice.

Sam we struggled the most with, in part because his section was largely musical. I do think you get a sense of jealousy from Seelix and that the three women - Seelix, Tory, and Kara - are serious about wanting him. Lee's scenes tend to come off as more fun, even though we know Lee is not the love em and leave em guy. Though unintentional, an interesting progression is made from the guy who will sleep with any woman that crosses his path (Baltar) to the one woman/Cylon guy (Helo).

and I like the arm-thumping/hugging hints between the guys even though with the song it makes them look collectively smug.

Well, that may have been a little intentional. ;)

Your feedback and your enjoyment of the vid mean a lot to me. Now, I promise to get back to fic writing!
EEEE! This is ADORABLE, and SO much fun. Also, in general: RRRRROWR. ;) Excellent work, both of you!
Thank you! After the mid-season finale, I thought we needed a little fun in the fandom. ;)
This is really cute! I love where you chose to cut to each guy - and, wow, that first shot of Lee is a good one. *g* Helo and his little family was adorable, and I thought the Sam section worked great in the instrumental bit!
Yay! Glad you enjoyed it. That means a lot to me. :) I'm also glad to hear the Sam section worked well for you since that was the part we initially struggled with the most.
HEEEEEE! Also *yuuummmmmmmy*.

Great job arranging the guys for the flow of the song, and kudos to the hilarious cutting and speed effects--even sped up they're all still ridiculously hot. ;D
Thank you! Your comments are much appreciated. If you enjoyed it that is high praise. In addition to being a fan of your work, sdwolfpup and brynnmck have dropped your name into vidding conversations quite a bit. ;)
I. . . I can't even tell you how happy this makes me. I have tears of glee. TEARS OF GLEE.

My fandom obsessions collide and this is so awesome.
YAY! Glad you liked it. While I was working on it you kept posting about your current Hairspray obsession (which I share) and thought your fandoms colliding would make you happy. ;)