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Battlestar Galactica Vid: 'The Ladies' Choice!'

If you are a regular reader here or at beccatoria's LJ or both then you know we've been not-so-subtly hinting at a project we've been working on. Well, the day has finally arrived to reveal it to the world or at least LJ. The idea was mine. The actual vidding, which, imho, was a good 80% of the process, was all beccatoria's.

Title: The Ladies' Choice!
Song: "Ladies' Choice" from the film Hairspray
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Spoilers: The series to date, up to and including 'Revelations'
Summary: Um, at one point in the creative process I referred to this as "hot guys getting laid" so I guess we could go with that.
Feedback: Would be much appreciated. And even though, after much debate, we decided just to post the vid on my LJ, Becka will be checking in frequently so if you have any questions or praise for her she will see it. :)


I have a few thoughts about the process.

Several months ago I had an idea for another vid. Becka was kind enough to volunteer at the time to help bring my idea to fruition, but, for various reasons, that fell by the wayside, though it looks like we may get to it in 2009. ;) Then, a couple months ago, HBO started running Hairspray and I kind of obsessively started watching it and listening to the soundtrack in my car to and from work. One day, as I was listening to 'Ladies' Choice', images of Lee Adama popped into my head. A vid idea was born. I quickly realized that, as much as I love Lee, he alone would not sustain this vid, so others were added. The line about baby making three just screamed Helo to me.

As more and more images came together in my wacky brain, I went to Becka and asked if she still had any interest in working together. As luck would have it, she was still interested and had some time to kill. I did warn that I do not generally play well with others, but it did not deter her. Since I procrastinate, a couple weeks passed until I got my 'storyboard' together for her. When I got the first cut a week ago, I was blown away. I didn't think it would be possible to convert what was in my head to a vid. She not only was able to include everything I wanted, she added to it. Some of my notes were simple (and vague) like "I think we need Tory here" and "I'm not sure what to do with Sam". And the brilliant idea of having Laura introduce the boys? All her.

The version you are seeing is the third draft. I did have some notes after the first draft such as "we need to linger on Lee in the maroon shirt longer" and "wasn't there footage of Sharon's spine glowing?" There was also much talk about "the aborted blowjob". After the second draft we both had some nagging concerns about one tiny section...that I won't point out.

All in all, it was a fabulous experience. I learned more about vidding and editing and, most importantly, Becka is still speaking to me. :)

One final note, marenfic and greycoupon, I think you will both get a kick out of this, though for different reasons. ;-)
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Awesome! I'm so glad to know you had a good time watching it!

As to the storyboard, no, there were no pictures because we're not actually composing the shot - we're stuck with what's in the episodes. So basically asta77 told me which scene from which episode she wanted to use. Sometimes, like with the tiny towel scene, for instance, there was only one shot to choose from. Other times, like for instance Kara and Lee making out in Scar, meant that I had a bunch of shots and angles to choose from and then it was largely me making the creative choices, then running them back past asta77 for notes and to ask what was working and what wasn't?

Wow, long reply to a short question! :D
thanx for the answer. that's kind of what i've been wondering about: how you picked certain angles when you had a longer scene of something. how long does it normally take to make a vid? generally, i mean, i'm sure each vid is different. sorry i'm being so inquisitive, but it took me two weeks to put together a 45 second clip first and last time i tried my hand and vidding, and i haven't had the opportunity to actually talk about the vidding process with anyone, so i'm curious. :)
No problem! I don't mind answering, but my answers will not be everyone else's answers. This vid took me about a week and a half but that's because I was concurrently working on other projects.

When I first started it took me about a week of working most of the evenings to finish up a vid. That's faster now partially because of faster computing, partially because of experience, partially because the last few vids I've had a bit more free time.

But I guess as a rule of thumb, a two or three minute video will take me probably about four days of heavy-vidding and a five minute vid will be more like a week. It's also worth noting that due to the crappy program I use, the fewer different sources and the fewer clips I use, the faster the vid program works. So for instance, I made a two minute vid using clips exclusively from a single episode and it only took me a day for the first draft and another for the second, but as soon as I start working with clips from multiple sources it'll take much longer for the program to recognise what I'm doing, play it back, everything will take five seconds to catch up, which really adds up. Also more sources means looking through more sources and rewatching more scenes which I think is where the time really starts getting added on?