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Health Update and Other Stuff

nolivingman asked me how I was doing with the pox last night and it struck me that I have been remiss in posting an update. Thanks to modern medicine, besides being a little scabby at the moment, I am fine. By Friday I noticed I was healing much faster than anticipated. I googled the prescription I was given, Acyclovir, and discovered that, in addition to preventing pneumonia, it accelerates the healing of chicken pox. It's also used to treat shingles and herpes, but, for the record, I'm clear of both of those.

I ended up going into work for a bit on Sunday to clean up my desk and get organized for the coming week. Smart move on my part. Monday was hectic because of work and many people deciding to wait until I returned to get their questions answered. I'm so loved! ;p And today was hectic thanks to various fandom things. Jumpcon, a new and seemingly doomed to fail new convention business, which greycoupon has been keeping excellent tabs on, finally and officially imploded today. People were flying in from Europe to see Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos in Boston this weekend and now no con. :(

In happier BSG-related news....I saw on Galactica Sitrep that Universal HD will be airing a few Season 4 episodes beginning this Saturday. I'm curious to see if the clarity is better than SciFi's HD channel which is a bit iffy in my area. And lists Virtuality is to film from 7/20/08 until 8/22/08 in Vancouver.

And because I posted it on the weekend and I've become aware that at least a few people missed the post (as happens when we actually go out and do things on the weekend!), I'm going to point the way one final time to the vid beccatoria and I created, 'The Ladies' Choice!.

I'm now going to attempt to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along, but it seems like there may be too much traffic on the site. What a surprise! Oh, I just found an alternate source for viewing. Hee! Nathan, you are too funny! :)

I also just recalled I meant to post I saw Hellboy II on Sunday. While a visually stunning film with Ron Perlman doing his usual excellent job, the film left me cold. thedeadlyhook sums up better than I could the problems with the film.
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