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Quick TV Viewing Update

Survivor - Why, oh, why is Jon still there?! In the history of reality TV I don't think I've hated a human being this much. And I use the term human being loosely. Hell, he gives the word scum a bad name.

I'm not an avid viewer and Joe and Louise had me as enthralled as Clark and Lana. :p But, the episode did a pretty damn good job of bringing a lot of plot points together. I was excited just to learn why, of all places, Clark ended up in Smallville. But, at the end, to find out the Kent's were chosen? Very cool moment. He really was meant to be their son.

And who else has a sneaking suspicion Lionel had something to do with his parents death? The more I watch this show the more I sympathize with Lex. After all the psychological damage he has had and will yet experience, I can't really blame him for going all evil.

Angel - Don't panic by the lack of a cut tag. I'm not discussing the episode - yet. I really didn't think I'd have much to say. But, once again, those rat bastards at ME got me to thinking. And, unfortunately, I have to turn in at a reasonable time tonight to prepare for the big holiday trek to the outlet mall tomorrow. So, thoughts shall be brewing until this weekend. In the meantime, I have read all yours. As usual, you are all brilliant. :)

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