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Edward James Olmos is Coming to Dragon Con

Thanks to greycoupon for the heads up. Now, EJO is a great speaker and I'm sure he will have awesome stories to tell, but my first two thoughts were..."OMG, and we thought the lines were insane to get into a panel last year!" and "the autograph room will be a zoo as people will want merchandise signed by all the actors."

Last year we had Jamie, Aaron, Mark, and, of course, Richard. This year it's Eddie, Jamie, Katee, Aaron, Tahmoh, James, and Richard. And, at this point, I'm not ruling out Mary making an appearance. Of course, people could yet drop out, knowing my luck, probably Jamie :p, but, if not, this is going to be the largest collection of BSG actors outside a Creation Con. It's going to be crazy. Though I am very thankful, outside of Katee, these people are not repped by Julie Caitlin Brown. Phew!

Beau Bridges was also listed as a guest today. danceswithwords, try to control yourself. ;)

In other news, I saw Mamma Mia this afternoon. I had a few issues with Donna (Meryl Streep) in the early part of the film, but once the film (and I) got past those, it was very enjoyable. It was great escapist entertainment. I wouldn't rank it quite as high as Hairspray which I adore, but it is one of the better movie musicals of late. And I was quite impressed with the singing of people not known for their singing. :) It was also great to see a movie being carried by actors over 50 who haven't felt compelled to butcher their faces by plastic surgery. These people looked fabulous, especially Meryl and Pierce. :)

In TV news, I enjoyed the second episode of Burn Notice more than I did the season premiere. Much more Tricia, who, call me crazy, looked more stunning than she does on BSG. Maybe it was all the natural light? Or that she got to smile. :) And I really enjoyed Michael and Madeline's trip to the counselor. I know Madeline loves Michael and I believe she is a good person, but the wall of denial she's built about their family life and her refusal to accept that there are things that Michael can't tell her because it's for her own good has always annoyed me. Finally, Michael got to confront her and she couldn't come up with an answer. I was actually a bit angry with her when he told the story about stealing the groceries, until we got her version of events. There really are two sides to every story and she honestly felt she was doing the best thing for Michael by believing the lie. There does exist a lack of communication between the two, some of it out of necessity, but I like that the show is chipping away at that wall between them just a bit.

I was underwhelmed by the season premiere of Psych. It's possible some work frustration on my mind lessened my enjoyment, but I also think there was too much hype and focus on the big guest star of the week.

There are others things I know I wanted to mention, but they seem to be escaping me at the moment.
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