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Battlestar Galactica to Return in January

At least for the moment! I saw the blurb on the LA Times Showtracker blog. SciFi could change their minds, but let's collectively cross our fingers.

Alan Sepinwell reports on the 'Friday Night Lights' press tour. There are some pretty major spoilers included in the article. I'm glad to read that they intend to focus on the characters and relationships rather than stupid plot twists (for those who watched Season 2 you know what I am referring to), but I'm still feeling ambivalent about the upcoming season. I will reserve judgment though. I did love this bit of the Q&A from the tour:

So Dan Fienberg opened the "Friday Night Lights" press tour session by asking Jason Katims whether he would understand why fans of the show who don't have DirecTV -- and therefore will be out of the loop when new episodes begin airing in October (the NBC run won't be until February) -- might feel compelled to illegally download those episodes.

“I would like to think that I would be patient and wait and watch the real version when it was available to you,” Katims told him.

Zach Gilford had a more realistic idea: “If I were such a good fan, I would go ahead and download it, but then in good conscience, turn your TV onto NBC when it comes on."

Zach, I think I love you. :)

I watched Parts 2 and 3 of Dr. Horrible this afternoon and then went back and read your reactions to it. Apparently, I am in a teeny tiny minority with my opinion. I'm debating whether to post my thoughts or just let it go.
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