It does mean more opportunities for people to geek out at cons and then get married.

Added to which, cosplayers will attract far less attention, because people will simply assume they're from cabarets.
Bad timing for the Star Trek Experience (or whatever it's called) to close.

Klingons married by Elvis. That would be entertaining!
Doh. My little brother lives in San Diego, so I was hoping one of these years I'd be able to go out during that week (I've been out there quite a few times, but mostly in the winter for obvious reasons). He'll probably be gone by then anyways though. He'll probably be taking a high school aged cousin of ours next week; the kid usually gets a hotel room with some friends, but he decided that my brother is way less weird than them, plus he only lives a few minutes from the convention center.

San Diego doesn't really have a lot of hotel space. You'd think it would be more of a resort type town, but it's mostly a place for rich people to move to when they get old (whereas middle class people move to florida).

Vegas flights are pretty cheap from everywhere, too.
I don't know if I'd be more or less inclined to go to Comic Con if it moved. I would have liked to have gone this year after seeing the list of panels. I'd probably be most excited to check out the exhibition hall. I have a friend scouting a couple booths for me. ;)
One of the best things about ComicCon IMO is being able to go to San Diego... *pout* The weather is nice and not too hot (soooooooooo not the case in Vegas) and yes, it is CROWDED but Vegas is like that all. the. time.

Plus, the smoking laws are different. And I know the hotels might say they have non-smoking rooms and floors but you can still smell it (plus you walk through the casinos usually to get to the actual hotel registration area, and those can be very very smoky) and it still gets in your clothes. :-p

If it moves I might go once more for the novelty, but even to hang out with my friends after that it wouldn't be worth it to me. The smoking thing is a big issue for me.
I've never been to either city, but have always wanted to see both.

Smoking is a big issue for me too. I can stand next to a smoker who isn't even smoking at the moment and I'll still start sneezing uncontrollably.