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What Are the Chances I'll Bump into Michael Vartan?

From Zap2It:

Michael Vartan and David Cross are set to play the leads in the comedy "Demoted."

Written by Dan Callahan, "Demoted" will be directed by J.B. Rogers ("American Pie 2") for Parallel Media.

According to Variety, Vartan and Cross will play rivals at a tire store. Vartan plays a hot-shot sales associate who picks on Cross' character until a series of unfortunate circumstances give the less cool employee a chance for revenge.

"Demoted" will begin shooting in September in Michigan.

Vartan was most recently seen on ABC's short-lived "Big Shots." The "Alias" star's feature credits include "Monster-in-Law," "One Hour Photo" and "Rogue."

Beloved as Tobias Funke from "Arrested Development" and from his work on "Mr. Show," Cross was heard this summer in the hit "Kung Fu Panda." He has the Judd Apatow-produced comedy "Year One" opening next year.

Yeah, he'll probably not be in my neck of the woods, but I need to start checking. ;)
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My dad swears he saw Drew Barrymore when she was filming in Michigan. I'm originally from Trenton (mom and dad are still there) and according to the papers she was all over the place when filming.

Do we know where in Michigan?
I did a little research, but couldn't find any specifics of where in Michigan. The film bureau website? Pfft! It's only updated through July. Of course, this is the same state in which the City of Lansing doesn't answer their phone and has an incorrect email address posted. :p
Great now I have visions of "State and Main" as they invade a city over here.

Trying to think where there is a big tire in the state.....
He's alive!!!

As I was watching all those gorgeous French vistas go by as I watched the Tour de France the last few weeks, I found myself wondering why the hell anyone who could live there didn't - way nicer than LA! And that had me wondering what Vartan was up to and how he was keeping a roof over his head and, more importantly, affording the dog food to feed Millie considering there had been no news of him workwise for ages.

That said, I'm not sure this project is a good sign - hopefully it'll be better then it sounds, otherwise I think not working would have been preferable - but then there is the dog food to buy.

Anyway, good luck with a sighting and if you do see him we expect a full report *grins*