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At What Point Do You Officially Become a Geek?

I know, I was probably one a long ago, but as I was watching the G4 networks live coverage of Comic Con tonight I felt as if I crossed the point of no return. :p

The highlight of their coverage was seeing Hugh Jackman who looks OMG SO GORGEOUS! Not that he was an eyesore before, but he just looked particularly fabulous. I was shocked o discover he was at Comic Con and so, apparently, were the people at Comic Con. He was a surprise guest at a panel this morning. Even though X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not due out until May 2009, he was there with some footage. Here's a pretty good recap of what footage was shown.

New Line is developing a sequel to 'Hairspray'. I just hope they can get the original cast back together.

I'm glad you all convinced me to post my Dr. Horrible thoughts, I've been enjoying the discussion. And people agreeing with me. ;)

Track schedules are starting to pop up for Dragon Con. It looks like we'll be spared a BSG vs Trek panel. Woo! I hear the American Sci Fi Track schedule is going to be tweaked (EJO was missing from the BSG panels and Jamie may have to cancel due to 'L&O: London' filming) and I'm waiting on some others, but expect me to be posting schedules in the coming weeks. I know you all can't wait for that. ;p

I baked banana blueberry cheesecake bread tonight. Yes, I did make the recipe up! Now, I think I shall go see if I baked it long enough.
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