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Dr. Horrible: Chapter 4

I'm watching a bit of G4's coverage of Comic Con and Joss announced earlier today that there will be more Dr. Horrible. Feel free to squee. I'm happy for you. Really! :)

io9 has a recap of the panel. I spotted a possible tiny spoiler for the Buffy comics, but does anyone care about that? There is some interesting information on the DVD release (you could be on it!) and the soundtrack will be available for download in a couple weeks.

ETA: I just heard "Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes". Well, that should be interesting. :)
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I just heard "Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes". Well, that should be interesting. :)

Yes, but can he do a British accent? 8}
I haven't seen the film in years, but I thought he did a bit of one in Chaplin. Apparently, this version is based on a graphic novel so I don't know how true to Sir Arthur's vision they are going to be.
There is also a Sacha Baron Cohen as Sherlock Holmes movie in development, with Will Ferrell as Watson. Yeah.
Hmmmm, that could go either way. Of course, they've already gone the comedy route with Without a Clue and The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother.
G4? What channel is this? I'm officially bored and need to be amused while sitting here with a broken toe.
G4 is like the geek channel. They cover a lot of video game and comic book stuff.

BROKEN TOE?! How did that happen???
Ah, don't think DirecTV has that channel. Oh well.

Wacked my toe on the corner of a wicker basket in my bedroom. Swore mightily, then forgot about it. Realized it about a week and a half later. lol Wore closed toe sandals and that was the clue something was wrong. Just have it buddy taped to the toe next to it...guess there really isn't much else to do with a broken toe.
I've suffered two broken toes and, nope, not much you can do. I hope you heal fast!
Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes

That could be interesting - I wonder who they'd peg in as Holmes and Moriarty?
Considering I just found out Robert can get 12.5 million a picture (way to come back Robert!) I'd say some cheap actors. ;)