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The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Dear Chris Carter,

I can neither forgive or forget what you did to The X-Files. You took something unique and, at times, brilliant and destroyed it over the course of four seasons. When the star of your show decided it was enough, you should have closed up shop, but, no, greed got the better of you. I stopped being bitter long ago. I had Buffy and Farscape and Battlestar Galactica to obsess over. But I shall accept I Want to Believe as an apology. You seem to want to make amends. Given the weekend box office this will probably be the last time we will see Mulder and Scully together, but that's OK because you gave the characters and the fans the ending they deserved.

With thanks,

I Want to Believe was far, very far, from being a great movie. At best, the main plot was something more akin to CSI than The X-Files (though I did think the 'teaser' was nicely suspenseful). At worst, it had huge plot holes and given the time Chris Carter had to write this they should not be there. Would the police really stop to question a murder suspect while he's transporting an organ for transplant? Would a hospital run by the Catholic church allow an operation involving stem cell transplants to take place? And would Mulder not have Scully on speed dial??? I could go, but I have a headache (not related to the film).

The supporting characters (and cast) were a mixed bag. Callum was good, but underutilized. I really wish we could have seen his motivation for killing rather than being told about it via a comment about having married patient X in Massachusetts. I have a feeling his obsession and murder spree for love was supposed to mirror Mulder and Scully's relationship in some way, but I'm struggling to make a connection. Amanda Peet's Agent Whitney almost made me long for Agent Spender. And did Xzibit's Agent Drummy have more than one facial expression? Not that he had anything to do but be pissy with Mulder. However, I did find Father Joe an interesting and complex character and Billy Connelly did a good job with the role. He also allowed Gillian to have some of her best moments in the movie.

WALTER! I was completely unspoiled for the return of Skinner. I did find it hard to believe they would do another film and not bring Mitch back, but I was getting worried as the film was nearing it's conclusion. It was great seeing him come to the well as inject a little humor ("Mulder wouldn't do anything crazy" - HA!) and give the slashers a little something. ;)

I've seen some complaints that the film is nothing more than fan service. AND? SO??? :p Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with how the Mulder/Scully relationship was handled. First of all, THEY HAVE A RELATIONSHIP. I must confess, I was a bit concerned we were going to find out that they parted ways after running off together and hadn't seen each other in years. The scene where she goes to his house was immediately reassuring, if a bit awkward. It had more of a friendship vibe rather than lovers vibe. And I would later become confused about the living arrangements. I'm guessing the house is his office, but he sleeps at Scully's (I noticed his fishtank in the background). Though, if they are living together, as Scully's comments about having a home and a life together would indicate, then how exactly was he in hiding from the FBI? Why did they have to go to her first? Just go to her house at night and talk to him directly. But I digress...

I may have jumped in my seat a little when it was revealed that Mulder was next to Scully in bed. Any doubts I had that Carter was going to continue to yank our chain evaporated. And I did like the subtlety with which their relationship was handled. Granted, the handling of their relationship was too subtle on the show (it still kills me they had a baby and then kissed), but I never envisioned either as being demonstrative with their feelings so the snuggling, the kiss, and the almost offhanded, "This stubbornness of yours is why I fell in love with you", all felt right and in character to me.

Following Scully's remarks about loving Mulder, building a home with him, and not wanting to return to the darkness and Mulder seemingly willing to walk away from all that to reembark on his quest for the truth, "asshole" may have popped into me head (Mulder was always on the selfish side). But he managed to redeem himself. The X Files and search for the truth have consumed his entire life. It nearly destroyed him on numerous occasions. Yet, when he was forced to make a choice, stay on the path that has brought him nothing but pain, or finally start down a new path with a woman who stood by him when she should have walked away for her own well being many times before, he chose Scully. There was something glorious and perfect about that final shot of them in the sunlight, surrounded by calm waters, and heading off to an island where nothing and no one could get to them. And Gillian looked pretty hot in the bikini. ;)

I'm also a sucker for shout outs and continuity. The 'I Want to Believe' poster. The photo of Samantha. The pencils stuck in the ceiling and the sunflower seeds at Mulder's side. That they did address William even though I still hate that storyline with a firey passion and it's depressing to think they have a child out there and they aren't a part of his life. Clyde Bruckman! And did anyone else catch Chris Carter pulling a Hitchcock? I thought it was interesting he was holding an earn. The ashes of his a career? ;)

In conclusion, I went into the film with incredibly low expectations and found myself really enjoying it. I was prepared to rant, but, while disappointed with the aspects of the script, nothing was rage inducing for me. I call that a win. :)
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