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Happy 'Stargate: Continuum' Day!

I have a copy! WOO! And plans to watch tonight with friends. WOO! I'll probably post thoughts about the film tomorrow, but I'm betting I like it. ;)

And a heads up to BSG fans. I just saw a news item on Galactica Sitrep that some new BSG promos may be airing during tonight's Eureka premiere. I'm setting the DVR just in case. It would be awesome if they aired what was shown at Comic Con.
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While trying to fall asleep last night, I wondered whether they'd show something during Eureka. Glad for the (semi-)confirmation! I set it to tape at standard def in case they do show something, and I'll try to pull it off the TiVo like last year. (Would prefer HD, but those files are massive.)

And if they do air one, it shows that maybe SciFi's getting a clue when it comes to this sort of thing. Yeah, they want to build suspense, but they have to realize that these promos really get fans excited during a very long hiatus -- even my spoiler-free friends are giddy. One well-executed promo with new footage can sustain fans for a while.
I've found that my spoiler free friends tend to be OK when it comes to promos since they consider it footage that the show/network has chosen to release and it's something concrete rather than second or third or forth hand information. I did assume that if they showed footage at Comic Con it would turn up on the network or on their website soon.
Thanks for the head butt on SGC. I just added it to my zip list (that's Canoodian for netflix).
Tivo is set just in case.

Interesting that the last time they premiered a trailer during Eureka last YEAR they promoted it like crazy and even had bumpers at the bottom of the screen as the show was ending.
I'll have to check out those promos once they hit YouTube because... well, I fell asleep while watching SciFi tonight. It was embarrassing. My SO assures me it's OK and that it happens to lots of fangirls. ;)

(You've heard about this, right?)
Sadly, no BSG promos. There was one for Amanda Tapping's new series, Sanctuary. She is doing a British accent. I wasn't terribly impressed. :p

Yea, I may have heard a little something about Jamie's new series. ;)