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Stargate: Continuum

So, I’ve been going through a ‘Don’t Really Feel Like Posting to LJ’ period. Though, that isn’t completely accurate since I have been keeping on top of jamiebambernews duties. While that can be time consuming (Comic Con almost killed me and I wasn’t even there!), it’s not really thinky, it’s news and not my usual long winded meta. What it comes down to is I probably needed a break from the analyzing. But now I find myself missing it just a little so I figured I’d slowly start to get back into the swing of things by posting

Continuum was a much better film than Ark of Truth. AoT suffered from having to wrap up the (bored now) Ori storyline while Continuum allowed the show to refocus on the characters and the series wouldn’t have lasted ten years if not for the characters. Continuum also had an epic movie feel thanks to a lot of location filming – the Antarctica shots were breathtaking – whereas AoT was, mostly, trapped on some cheap looking sets.

SG1 has beaten the time travel/AU/reset idea to death, but it was nice to see them put a little bit of a spin on it, breaking up the band group and showing how much they’ve come to depend on each other and the Stargate program to give meaning to their lives. Daniel calling himself to give himself a pep talk was hilarious, but also telling. Alone in his room, he was back to being that isolated person he was eleven years before.

If I stop to think about the time travel elements I shall get a massive headache. I’m confused as to which Ba’al went back to the 1930s. Why did Cam not disappear at the Goa’uld removal ceremony? Was it because his grandfather didn’t die until after Cam stepped into the wormhole? What happened to the Cam who traveled to the past? Did Cam meet himself as a child?

Landry actually made some excellent points about their desire to ‘fix’ the alternate timeline. What right did they have to change the lives of, well, billions? Unfortunately, Landry had to be a pompous, self-righteous ass while making his points. I think it’s telling that when the attack took place it was Hammond by President Hayes’s side and Landry was no where to be seen.

Random thoughts:

Please people, stop putting Ben in bad old age makeup. And is it my imagination or does every time the latex go on he starts slipping into a southern accent?

Jack died from a stab to the shoulder? Did the writers need a doctor as a consultant to tell them the heart is lower?

I wish we had seen more Vala/Quetesh, but given the crap job they did of covering Claudia's baby bulge, I can see why we didn't see more of, you know what I mean.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a leg! And just when I think that’s the worst they will do to Daniel, they kill him, again. I guess they really have to at this point. It's tradition!

Charlie lived in the alternate timeline and, interestingly, that led to a slightly harder Jack, a Jack that never left the military and reevaluated his life.

Apophis! Camulus! Nirrti! Cronus! It’s the Goa'uld family reunion! I feared Anubis making an appearance.

Sam needs just a few minutes to figure out how a time machine works? OK!
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