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Less Than Two Weeks to DC!

And my planning is going out the window! Well, in so far as I may have to change priorities. Nathan "Captain Tightpants" Fillion has been added to the list of guests! Which means the Firefly panels which I was iffy on now rank behind the BSG panels. Sorry Stargate. On Saturday and Sunday the Firefly panels immediately follow the BSG panels so it would be awesome if DC opted not to clear the room. Wanna bet that won't happen? :/

Other guest changes of note...

If you haven't heard, Katee Sackhoff has canceled. My assumption is she has been cast in something that conflicts with the con. The American SciFi track updated their schedule on Wednesday, the day she canceled. While I can understand they posted the schedule before they got word, I noticed Michael Hogan hasn't been added to any of the panels, though Jamie and Leah had been dropped.

And Rainbow Sun Francks (SGA) has been added as a guest. Another poor bastard from the Stargate universe. ;)

Something that is bringing me great joy, The Clone Wars has an embarrassing 19% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. You have to at least read the blurbs from the critics. It's tough to say which I appreciate more, seeing the critics do what fans have been doing for years, turning on George for destroying a once great franchise out of greed or condemning the once cutting edge ILM for putting out a badly animated film.

I've been watching the Olympics off and on this week. Or should I say The Michael Phelps Show? Let me make it clear, I like Michael Phelps. In addition to being a talented swimmer, he seems like a nice guy who, while aware of the records on the line, still seems very much the team player. So when I say I'm sick of seeing and hearing about Michael Phelps, it's nothing he's done, it's what the media has done. Matt Lauer actually enraged me Friday morning as he interviewed Ryan Lotche. After a few brief questions to Ryan about winning his first ever solo gold medal, he had to ask Ryan about Michael. Specifically, how would he have felt if he had beaten Michael in the 200m breaststroke and ruined his chances for eight gold medals? And how would he have dealt with the anger of people in the United States upon returning home? WTF?!?! HOW is he supposed to answer those kinds of questions? Then, last night during one of the womens finals, NBC chose to replay part of Micheal's latest victory. I'll be watching tonight to see if Dara Torres wins the gold in the 50m freestyle, but I think I'm pretty much done after that.

Was I the only one distracted by the thought that Daniel Jackson is working for Six?

After only one episode, I hope Victor dies a horrible death. But I'm not sure if it's just because we are meant to hate the character or it's because Michael Shanks is overplaying the role. Tricia Helfer's Carla isn't exactly a nice person, she's threatened to kill children as well as Micheal's friends and family, yet I have yet to find myself loathing her or wishing her dead. Of course, Tricia seems to have a gift for making you empathize with supposedly evil characters and I'm not sure Michael Shanks is that adept at finding the various shades of gray.
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