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Less Than Two Weeks to DC!

And my planning is going out the window! Well, in so far as I may have to change priorities. Nathan "Captain Tightpants" Fillion has been added to the list of guests! Which means the Firefly panels which I was iffy on now rank behind the BSG panels. Sorry Stargate. On Saturday and Sunday the Firefly panels immediately follow the BSG panels so it would be awesome if DC opted not to clear the room. Wanna bet that won't happen? :/

Other guest changes of note...

If you haven't heard, Katee Sackhoff has canceled. My assumption is she has been cast in something that conflicts with the con. The American SciFi track updated their schedule on Wednesday, the day she canceled. While I can understand they posted the schedule before they got word, I noticed Michael Hogan hasn't been added to any of the panels, though Jamie and Leah had been dropped.

And Rainbow Sun Francks (SGA) has been added as a guest. Another poor bastard from the Stargate universe. ;)

Something that is bringing me great joy, The Clone Wars has an embarrassing 19% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. You have to at least read the blurbs from the critics. It's tough to say which I appreciate more, seeing the critics do what fans have been doing for years, turning on George for destroying a once great franchise out of greed or condemning the once cutting edge ILM for putting out a badly animated film.

I've been watching the Olympics off and on this week. Or should I say The Michael Phelps Show? Let me make it clear, I like Michael Phelps. In addition to being a talented swimmer, he seems like a nice guy who, while aware of the records on the line, still seems very much the team player. So when I say I'm sick of seeing and hearing about Michael Phelps, it's nothing he's done, it's what the media has done. Matt Lauer actually enraged me Friday morning as he interviewed Ryan Lotche. After a few brief questions to Ryan about winning his first ever solo gold medal, he had to ask Ryan about Michael. Specifically, how would he have felt if he had beaten Michael in the 200m breaststroke and ruined his chances for eight gold medals? And how would he have dealt with the anger of people in the United States upon returning home? WTF?!?! HOW is he supposed to answer those kinds of questions? Then, last night during one of the womens finals, NBC chose to replay part of Micheal's latest victory. I'll be watching tonight to see if Dara Torres wins the gold in the 50m freestyle, but I think I'm pretty much done after that.

Was I the only one distracted by the thought that Daniel Jackson is working for Six?

After only one episode, I hope Victor dies a horrible death. But I'm not sure if it's just because we are meant to hate the character or it's because Michael Shanks is overplaying the role. Tricia Helfer's Carla isn't exactly a nice person, she's threatened to kill children as well as Micheal's friends and family, yet I have yet to find myself loathing her or wishing her dead. Of course, Tricia seems to have a gift for making you empathize with supposedly evil characters and I'm not sure Michael Shanks is that adept at finding the various shades of gray.
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I'll be watching tonight to see if Gina Torres wins the gold in the 50m freestyle, but I think I'm pretty much done after that.

And actually? Not THAT implausible to me!

I'm with you on the Phelps stuff too. The interview that sent me over the edge was when they asked Lezak how it felt to be a part of Phelps' historic quest. Hey guys? I'm betting the world record he set for HIMSELF is probably a bigger thrill. Unlike you though, I actually do dislike Phelps himself. Although, I make no excuses about the unfairness of judging him back when he was 19 and not being able to get past it. *g*
Damn, she came close! And to come back less than a half hour later and win another metal?!

I was rooting for the relay team only because I didn't want Lezak to be known as the guy who failed to get Michael Phelps his record eighth gold medal. And Lezak kicked ass considering he wasn't given a huge lead. ;)
Oh, I knew Dara Torres had a great shot at the gold. I think Gina might have been more of a longshot. *g*
Hee! I was looking to have a relaxing DC until the Nathan news broke! Now I'll probably be facing two hours in an autograph line. :p

Or, you know, I could be talked into missing a BSG panel to wait in that long line on one of those days. Just a thought. ;-)

You're just angling for a free dinner, aren't you? ;) Maybe we will get lucky and they won't clear the room. And molly_may seems up for place holding too. :)
I'm not really big on autographs, I usually just get them to be able to spend a couple minutes chatting with the person and then I feel I have to have something I want to say. I did have something I was going to have Jamie sign and I may have EJO sign it instead. It depends on how long the lines are. But, yeah, I do want Nathan's signature because he's been part of so many things I've enjoyed and he seems like a great guy. :)

As I said to molly_may, I want to be up close for at least one panel.
And Rainbow Sun Francks (SGA) has been added as a guest. Another poor bastard from the Stargate universe.

I would say "poor bastard" just for being stuck with the name Rainbow Sun.;)

It would be awesome if they didn't clear the room between panels, but I'm sure I'll be waiting in line for the Firefly panels anyway, so we should have guaranteed seats either way.

The book version of The Clone Wars came out a few weeks ago, and we have only sold three copies of it at work, which is weird because Star Wars books usually have a solid fanboy base that comes out for them. But no one's interested this time.
I'd like to be up close for at least one Firefly panel. And expect an email soonish from either danceswithwords or I about planning certain things. You know we need a schedule in place before we even get there. ;-)

I think (and hope) that The Clone Wars may be the clearest sign yet that any scraps of good will left on the part of the fans is gone. I know a guy at work who is a pretty die hard fan and when I mentioned TCW he just shook his head and said, "No."
You have Firefly on the brain. Dara Torres just won a silver. :)

And a 38 year old woman just won the marathon. We were informed of her age no less than 87 million times during the race.

Yes, the NBC commentators just need die now please. It is obnoxious as all get out.

I wish D*C had some rule one way or another about whether they clear rooms between panels. The maybe is just frustrating.
She won two! Woo!

The fact that a lot of 'older' athletes are winning medals tells me that it should be a non-issue. ;)

I considered emailing DC regarding room clearing, but I figured I'd get the same answer as I did last year about them not determining what they are doing until the start of the con.
The media makes me ill. What kind of questiosn or those?

They have this need to manufacture stories, or expound ad naseum on the ones that have come about naturally. It's the Olympics....there will be natural dramatic moments because it involves "people" and we create our own dramatic moments. I wish there were no announcers. All they need to do is throw up the names and countires and the scores...we can see for ourselves.
stupid and insensitive questions. :(

About the only commentator who hasn't bugged the hell out of me is Bob Costas and even a couple times he got caught up in the Phelps cheerleading.
I'm almost positive they'll clear the room between panels. The turnout for the Firefly guests is always huge, and it'll be MASSIVE now that Fillion's on the list. People will be lined up around the block -- hell, they'll probably be lined up all the way to Alabama. ;) The D*C organizers can be clueless, but I think they're savvy enough to know that allowing people to save seats in the ballrooms will really piss off the others who have lined up. The downside for you is that I'll bet anyone who tries to slip in line with friends already standing there will be tarred and feathered. The upside for us is that the BSG panels right before Firefly will probably have a lighter turnout, along with the Heroes panel afterward. Much easier to get good seats!

I am... not thrilled about Katee's cancellation. I don't actually mind too much for myself, because I think seeing her in person would be a bit weird for me after writing all that fic! (Even more than Jamie, but then I've always had a strong separation between him and Lee in my mind.) I just feel really awful for those who were coming to see her. I know con guest lists are a huge risk, but it still stings. Fortunately, most of the other BSG guests are marvelous, and I can't wait to see them, especially Hogan. :)
Let them try and tar and feather me! ;) Unless DC decides to patrol the lines, and they just don't have enough staff, people will save spots for their friends. I just wonder how they are going to form potentially three lines outside the Atrium ballroom? That lobby will be a nightmare.

I had a brief bout of disappointment with Jamie's cancellation, but then I put myself in his shoes for a minute and realized trying to fit DC in his schedule would be insane. I just wish we knew why Katee had to cancel because I think it could ease some disappointment on the part of the fans.
Matt Lauer actually asked him that??? What an idiot. The other swimmers have Olympic dreams too, why not ask about them? I feel rather bad for Michael in that he suffers a bit by association with stupid commentators.
Apparently the dream of all Olympic swimmers is to see Michael win eight golds. I'm surprised that no one asked if they considered throwing their races just to make sure he won. :p
I kept waiting for that question - I would not have been shocked to hear it ;)
"And Rainbow Sun Francks (SGA) has been added as a guest. Another poor bastard from the Stargate universe. ;)"

I'll never forgive them for what they did to him. I don't blame Tori for not coming back for last night's ep, and I'm usually a blamer, you should take one for the team, kind of person.

"After only one episode, I hope Victor dies a horrible death."

I don't mind hating him, it's part of the fun. I watched that The Cleaner show a few times to see Grace Park and the whole slutty asian chick who likes hot cars thing is so over the top it's definitely not good fun.

I don't give a shit about the olympics since I don't consider 90% of the events to be real sports, just crap for also-rans that are designed to dillute competition (like, if you're an american 5000 meter runner and you know you stand zero chance of ever beating someone from kenya, you can learn to speed skate, something no one else ever does, or has even tried, just to get a medal someday for it). The fact that they're removing women's softball just because Americans always win -- but they'll leave Badminton in even though china usually wins -- just cements my beliefs. I mean, god, imagine if tennis didn't exist and Serena and Venus were playing badminton, would they have to get rid of it in the olympics, then?
Yeah, I usually get pissed off at people when they refuse to return to the series that gave them some fame, but that sentiment does not apply to SGA. They've really screwed over their actors. I was thrilled with Amanda Tapping chose to leave.

I heard too many bad things about The Cleaner to even give it a try. I'll only sit through crap for Jamie. ;) I'm happy to hear that Grace has been cast in another series since her role in The Cleaner sounded like a step backwards career wise.

One of my problems with the Olympics is the person it turns my mother into for two weeks. She was criticizing Shawn Johnson for crying after losing out on the gold medal. I pointed out to her she's sixteen years old, of course she cried! She's a hormonal teenager! And I saw her interviewed the next day and she was fine. But, no, she condemns a girl for losing it for a few minutes.
Never having seen Stargate, I only made the connection at the end, but I thought Victor was a good character because he was so unpredictable. He unsettled my sense that Michael will always triumph. Plus he was really threatening. I think we're supposed to hate him. He gives Carla an air of actually threat. I think they counterbalance each other well. Plus it's a creative way to deal with the fact that Tricia was up in Vancouver and couldn't shoot any more eps until midseason.
"An air of actually being threatening" or "makes Carla more of an actual threat." not "an air of actually threat". lol.
And Rainbow Sun Francks (SGA) has been added as a guest.

Ford! That definitely makes me more interested in the Stargate panels, though I doubt anybody will ask (or he will answer frankly) the questions I'd most like to hear answered, such as "Just how skanky are the race issues on that show?" and "What was up with getting rid of you, anyway?"
I'm seriously envious that you're going to get to meet - or at least hear speak - Michael Hogan. The man's awesome :)

Would you believe I didn't know anything about Clone Wars until I saw an advert at a bus stop a couple of weeks ago? Between this and the fourth Indy film, I think even mainstream critics are starting to get the idea that GL is more into milking things for money than telling good stories any longer.