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Brad Wright's Take on the End of Stargate: Atlantis

Gateworld interview with Brad Wright

I'm not a Stargate: Atlantis fan, but can empathize with people losing a show they love. As with Farscape, Stargate: SG1, and Battlestar Galactica before it, there is a lot of finger pointing and blame being thrown around for who is responsible for the end of the series. Given the current nature of the entertainment industry, I tend to believe that most, if not all, of what Brad is saying is true. What most interested me in the interview is further confirmation that we will be seeing more Stargate films (YAY!) and that a "final cut" of 'Children of the Gods' is on it's way.

In other news, yes, I am up at 2am because I laid down for a short nap around 6 and slept until 10:30. ::head desk::
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I was watching a documentary on Millennium a little while ago. That was one of my favourite shows and I was disappointed to hear to it'd been cancelled. The creative staff behind it were talking about how it was cancelled because it's ratings had levelled off and weren't improving, and at the time any show that wasn't gaining ratings got cancelled. Five years later, the view across the industry with hindsight was different - every show was losing ratings, and to have been able to retain a stable audience, Millennium must've been doing well. I wonder if the same will be true of this period when we look back in a few years time.