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The Big Catch Up Post

Dragon Con is now only three days away. Why am I NOT freaking out? I'm far too relaxed. Maybe it will hit me Wednesday night. Though I'm planning on starting packing tomorrow. Which means I should go check to see if anything needs to go in the wash.

And I better catch up on some stuff before I go...

Rumor has it that Nathan Fillion's pilot, 'Castle', will be picked up by ABC.

Jewel Staite talks about the end of 'Stargate: Atlantis' on her MySpace page. But what jumped out at me was this:

I’ll be taking the red eye to Atlanta for Dragon*Con Friday night, since I’ll be filming during the day, and I may have last night’s make-up on and a giant latte in my clutches, but I’ll get there somehow! More of a real blog when I return, complete with new pics from D*C.

Everyone tell her how great she looks!

It turns out I know someone who just signed a deal with MGM! I don't know if anyone recalls my dealings with Howard Webster, photographer and co-founder of 'Factory Magazine', after I inadvertently committed a little copyright infringement by posting some photos of Jamie. Oops. Howard turned out to be a remarkably understanding guy. :) This year he launched the digital graphic novel, 'The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore' and MGM is looking to possibly turn it into a series. The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news. And Howard was nice enough to send me the press release, but, unfortunately, the press release is copy protected and I can't figure out a way to repost it. :/

I finally got around to watching one of last summers blockbusters, Transformers. The film was...not bad. Not awesome, but I expected far worse.

My first complaint - not enough Josh Duhamel. A man that pretty should not be wasted.

What I found more bothersome was the character of Agent Simmons. I actually felt embarrassed for John Turturro. In recent years, I haven't seen a character as cliched and annoying outside a Star Wars prequel. And, sadly, he's coming back for the sequel. Why couldn't Optimus Prime have accidentally stepped on him?

While I wasn't paying close attention, there seemed to be some poor editing, especially involving the story of Sam's great-grandfather and Sector 7's operations.

Among the things I did like is that the film, for the most part, successfully incorporated humor. I only recall cringing a couple of times. ;)

I haven't been wowed by ILM in some time, but the effects were pretty impressive here. The transformers actually appeared as if they were constructed rather than digitally created.

But what most impressed me was that the film chose not to take the cliche route with Sam and his parents. Sam is a good kid. His parents know he is a good kid. And while they all obviously annoy each other from time to time, they also obviously love each other. When Sam was wrongly arrested, his dad not only bailed him out, he believed him. It was refreshing not to have the bratty, misunderstood teen, with parents who ignore him, ultimately learning an important life lesson.

I still haven't seen Ths Dark Knight and it won't be happening this weekend. ;)

And a bunch of people had birthdays (beccatoria, addictedtogoo, nolivingman, gobi_rex, and keswindhover), are having birthdays (romanticalgirl), or will be having birthdays (sweet_ali, greycoupon, and sdwolfpup) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL! If I missed anyone, sorry!
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Have a fabulous time at D*C! Wave at my BFF Jewel Staite for me! *g*
My mother used to ask me up to a week before I trip if I had packed yet. After years of laughing at her and telling her she was crazy, she finally gave up asking. I will say I have a check off list of things I need to take with me on any trip which means I'm not stressing that I'm forgetting something as I'm packing. That helps as does knowing I have Thursday morning to take my time and do any last minute things that need to be done.
Did people actually take time to email Jewel Staite and say she's cursed as a response to the SGA cancellation!? I just... wow.

yay Dragon*Con. I've thought about packing. That's about as far along as I am.
Yes, it seems some fans felt the need to point out she is cursed. >:( This is only the third show I can think of that she's been on that has ended and SGA was on three years before she joined the cast. Wasn't George Clooney in eleven or twelve failed pilots/series before ER? And if he was cursed, I wish I was!
You pack for trips more than 10 minutes before you leave the house? Wow.

I couldn't work out whether Transformers was trying to be a film for kids or a film for adults - some themes, like the ambush on the military camp and the Decepticon pursuing the SF soldiers through the desert felt very adult. Then they introduced poodles and such...

I'm still gutted they kill Jazz. He was one of my favourites as a kid.

You realise that with all your celebrity connections, I am occasionally going to have to point out that you're obviously a Hollywood bigshot? ;)
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Hope DC is a great great time :) Say hi to Nathan, Alan, James, Amber and Alison for me :)