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The DC Track Scheduling Is Driving Me Crazy

I thought I'd take one final look at some of the track schedules to see if they updated. They did. And I'm even more confused.

EJO and Tahmoh are both listed for the Sunday BSG panel. Are they really doing two panels in one day? Is Eddie doing two panels back-to-back???

And The Whedonverse track still has a panel featuring Tahmoh, James Marsters, Nathan, and Alan (who has been added to all the Firefly panels) at 2:30 on Monday. Tahmoh is still scheduled for the BSG panel that morning and none of the others were scheduled to even be there on Monday as of two weeks ago. Of course, Alan wasn't supposed to be there at all.

I'm just not sure who is more reliable - DC or the track schedulers. DC would have to know when the guest are going to be there and the tracks could be having a case of wishful thinking. There may be heavy reliance on the Daily Dragon this year.

In other news, I am exhausted this morning as I had the brilliant idea to stay up late last night and get the majority of my packing done.
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It is a toss op. I have no idea but the AMSFTV track IS having some scheduling changes. I'll do a post once Kelley posts the latest.

I'm assuming it is one panel per day but who knows.

New fan panel at 1pm Friday, BTW. "Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica - Two great space epics. Join us to discuss how they compare to each other."

Yeah, I got nothing there.
Thanks. I like to be prepared! :) I haven't paid close attention to the Whedon track before, but they just announced on their LJ comm that Tahmoh's panel has been moved and that was changed two weeks ago so my faith in the track schedules is not huge.
The Whedonverse track still has a panel featuring Tahmoh, James Marsters, Nathan, and Alan (who has been added to all the Firefly panels) at 2:30 on Monday.

Gah, I sort of wish that panel would be canceled, since I never go on Monday because by that time I'm tired of driving down there, but that panel is very tempting!
I'm with you. And the panel is nowhere to be found on DC's schedule. Plus, I get the impression that many of the bigger names will not be around on Monday. Since my flight leaves around 5:30 I'm not sure if I could make it. :/
Well, pooh. That Monday panel is too late for me to make. It sounds like there's a lot of last-minute churn and we're going to have to adjust plans according to the latest news. (And by "we," I mean "you," of course. *g*)

At least you're packed? I still have to do three loads of laundry tonight before I can start.

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I was ironing during Hillary's speech last night. It helped to distract me from her husband's bad acting for the camera.
I've asked Tahmoh's agent to see if I can try to clear it up. We'll see if she responds.
Heh, well she passed me on to his publicist, who I've never corresponded with. So we'll see. But I guess that's promising.
I had to laugh. I deal with Jamie's publicist and have never corresponded with his agent. ;-)

Thanks for looking into this. I have planning/control issues. :p
According to his publicist(s), he's only confirmed on the four listed in the pocket program:

Friday, August 29th @ 4 pm - Revelations
The final book of our saga in which our rag-tag fleet has reached earth, or
has it? Listen to our guests' thoughts on the show, their characters, and
the cliffhanger they left us with until January.

Saturday, August 30th @ 5:30 pm - So Say We All
The final four were truly who they said, civil war has sprung up, and Lee
Adama is president!

*Sunday, August 31st @ 10 am - Welcome to the Dollhouse!* - Tahmoh Penikett.
A601-A602 [M]
Join us as we spend quality time learning about Joss Whedon's new upcoming
television series, Dollhouse.

Monday, September 1st @ 11:30 am - Earth At Last?
As we head into the final hours of the con, let's see what more answers we
can find out about the final 11 hours of Battlestar.

It's of course possible that he might show up at the others independently of that.
Cool. Thanks for the information. I tend to trust the pocket program (a little) more than the track listings. Six panels plus everything else seems excessive. And I find it odd that DC has none of the guests for the Whedonverse panel on Monday listed as even being there on Monday.
The problem with cons is that they're never run by people as anal-retentive as - for instance - me. And so the schedule is always loosey-goosey. Add in actors and their flaky scheduling and it's a wonder it ever works.
If I were to run a con it would be a blessing for the fans and a curse for the guests. ;)