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I am back from DC! Technically, I was back two hours ago, but I chatted with my mom for a bit, unpacked about 2/3 of my stuff, and checked email. And can I say how awesome it is to come back to a clean apartment? I'm glad I decided to clean before I left.

I had a FABULOUS time with fabulous friends and and met some fabulous people. I have lots and lots to say, but am too pooped to say it tonight. And I'm not killing myself to get it all posted in the next couple of days so expect many posts over the next couple of weeks.

I will say Nathan Fillion is as awesome as I was lead to believe. Rainbow Sun Francks is funny (who knew?). I learned what Inara's secret was...she was dying! 0_o I grew to love Tahmoh Penikett just a little more. I got to talk politics with George Takai (and meet his fiance!) . And I can say I was at DC when the "Unofficial Line" was created.

Oh, and the best part? I NEVER SAW KEVIN SORBO!!!!!!! :)

And now I need to crash. For the sake of keeping down stress levels, I will not be going back over five days of friends post, but please tell me if I missed anything important in your lives. Or if I missed any insanity...besides McCain's VP choice.
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