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I am back from DC! Technically, I was back two hours ago, but I chatted with my mom for a bit, unpacked about 2/3 of my stuff, and checked email. And can I say how awesome it is to come back to a clean apartment? I'm glad I decided to clean before I left.

I had a FABULOUS time with fabulous friends and and met some fabulous people. I have lots and lots to say, but am too pooped to say it tonight. And I'm not killing myself to get it all posted in the next couple of days so expect many posts over the next couple of weeks.

I will say Nathan Fillion is as awesome as I was lead to believe. Rainbow Sun Francks is funny (who knew?). I learned what Inara's secret was...she was dying! 0_o I grew to love Tahmoh Penikett just a little more. I got to talk politics with George Takai (and meet his fiance!) . And I can say I was at DC when the "Unofficial Line" was created.

Oh, and the best part? I NEVER SAW KEVIN SORBO!!!!!!! :)

And now I need to crash. For the sake of keeping down stress levels, I will not be going back over five days of friends post, but please tell me if I missed anything important in your lives. Or if I missed any insanity...besides McCain's VP choice.
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I will not go on a trip and leave a messy house. I *love* coming home to a house that's clean and tidy and just perfect. And then, of course, dumping my stuff in the middle of it and passing out. Heee.

Glad you had fun!
Yeah, there is stuff sitting in the middle of my floor still. I think I might have gotten shin splints from the con! I've been trying to rest my sore legs tonight. Clean up can wait.
Clean up is still waiting in our case. Hee. Well, most of it's done, but some of it, it's just "I don't want to put this away. It requires too much effort."

I had a similar leg experience after we got back from Disneyland and I tried to walk from the car dealership where I'd dropped off my car. My legs said "Um, no. We're done."
Woo! The con needs to be longer although I think we would all die of exhaustion. It was great seeing you again. :)
Great seeing you too. :) Next year, since the con doesn't begin until the first full weekend in September, I plan on taking Tuesday off work to recover.
Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good time. :)
Inara had a secret? Eh.

"I got to talk politics with George Takai (and meet his fiance!)"

I don't think I'd be able to handle that: as much as I love him, I'd still give him a stern lecture about trying to be part of the in crowd by buddying up to Howard Stern and being the butt of his jokes. Not worth it, dude, it's not worth it.
I'm unaware of the Howard Stern stuff and it's probably for the best. He's a very sweet man and seemed sincerely pleased I stopped to congratulate him and express my support.
He was like the show's court jester for a while; grinning and bearing jokes at his expense just so he could hang with the cool kids. Cool people being angry misogynists (and homophobia is really just misogyny at its root) of course.
Welcome back :) You were missed. I hope you had a grand time all told and are now a bundle of creative energy and enthusiasm :)

Boppy put up some posts with ViVidCon links and vids in - well worth a look, if you get the chance. The choreography in the Matrix vid she highlighted is amazing...

I'm very tickled that McCain is providing so much entertainment for us foreigners. I think it's hilarious that his running mate from Alaska has spent years championing the cause of having abstinence be the only form of Sex Ed taught in schools, given the news about her daughter... or is that just my twisted British sense of humour kicking in?
Thanks. :) I'm still pretty low on energy. I've seen numerous posts from people complaining of the dreaded con crude so I opted to take it easy tonight and just veg on the sofa while watching the U.S. Open. Boris Becker was guest commentating and I was a big fan in the day.

It's not just your twisted sense of humor regarding Palin, I've been laughing for two days now. And, to be clear, I'm laughing at the hypocrisy. I actually feel badly for the girl who not only has to deal with an unplanned pregnancy at a young age and a (likely) forced marriage to a guy who doesn't even want kids, but has to do so under the media microscope. But what is truly scary is if McCain were to win the election a person so lacking in experience, especially at the federal and international levels, is one step away from the presidency. And you heard she's under investigation for abuse of power? I'm clueless as to what McCain was thinking other than, "Oh, we'll get the Hiliary vote!" accept most of Hilary's supporters have a brain and actually want a qualified candidate. ::end of rant::
"But what is truly scary is if McCain were to win the election a person so lacking in experience, especially at the federal and international levels, is one step away from the presidency."

Eh, at least she's worked for a living. Obama has just been sponging off of tax payers his whole adult life (and even his wife's cushy hospital admin job might have been a graft position rewarding him for funding he sent their way). I'm not going to vote for any of these people, mind you, I'm Green, but I'm welcoming the idea that the democrats are going to implode, especially after they tried to play the religion card (Joshua Generation, really Obama, why don't you move to Iran if that sounds cool to you?) for themselves this time only to see it backfire with Palin as a pick. Republicans are normal people who don't hate women: not true, but then again, the Dems made it that way with their stupidity.


Which makes me SO glad that the series never played out because then Whedon would just kill her like all the rest and make another tragic love story. DO NOT WANT.

I'm so glad that you had fun and so sorry I missed you.
Which makes me SO glad that the series never played out because then Whedon would just kill her like all the rest and make another tragic love story.

OMG, I hadn't thought about that!

::head desk::

We missed you too! You're name came up several times...in the good way...I swear! ;-)
I'll provide a full explanation in a later post. Actually, I could (and may) devote a post just to the lines.
I learned what Inara's secret was...she was dying!

When did Morena say that?! At a Stargate panel? Also,::shakes fist at Whedon::
Oh! That's right. You weren't there! Yes, it was at the 'Stargate' panel on Monday. The audience collectively groaned when a woman got up and said she had a question for Morena she didn't get to ask at the 'Firefly' panel. The woman had a friend that had spoken to Joss at some point recently and Joss had supposedly told her that Inara's secret was that she knew she was dying. The woman wanted to know if that was true or if she should call her friend a liar. ;) Morena paused then bent over to confer with Jewel. Then Jewel bent over to confer with Morena...and this conferring went on for a bit. Finally, Morena said she was surprised her friend had been told that, but she guessed since it was Joss that told her then, yes, she could confirm Inara was dying. We were all quite shocked.

Was this supposedly from Serenity or Firefly, as I don't remember a line about a secret in either?
I can't recall how it was phrased or in what episode it popped up, but I recall her hiding something.
Well it would cetainly explain why she left the ship for time off from the crew. (i.e. medical or goodbyes)
I am also a little shocked at the secret that I didn't even know Inara had! And to echo Marcee, what's the Unofficial Line?!
It was wonderful to finally meet you and I am so jealous that you got to meet George Takei's fiance, too.
It was wonderful to meet you too! I wish we could have talked more, but it's hard with so much to do and so many people to see at DC (plus I was exhausted Sunday night). I missed a couple people completely so I guess I should consider myself lucky. ;-)

George's fiance amused me. When I went over to talk to George, no one was at his table. As we talked, a couple people got in line behind me to get autographs, but I guess started to move away because George and I were chatting for awhile. His fiance moves forward to tell them it's fine, come closer to the table, and all I could think was he was probably thinking they have a wedding to pay for! ;)
You Missed Sorbo?!! Oh NO!!!!!!

Quick, call his agent, get him BACK!
I was flipping channels tonight and saw that he was on an ep of 'Two and a Half Men'. I can't completely escape him!