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'Battlestar Galactica' Will Return in January!

For those who hadn't heard, Aaron Douglas dropped a bit of a bombshell during one of the panels at Dragon Con this weekend - BSG would not be returning until April. As any scrap of news about BSG does, the story spread quickly and got back to SciFi which just released a statement:

Battlestar Rumors Debunked

SCI FI Channel is calling "inaccurate" rumors that the second half of Battlestar Galactica's fourth and final season will be delayed and confirmed again that the original series will return with new episodes in January 2009.

Several Web sites, including io9 and Galactica Sitrep, have posted the rumors, reportedly based on comments made by Battlestar cast member Aaron Douglas at Dragon*Con.

The reports are erroneous, the channel confirmed to SCI FI Wire. "It is still slated to return January 2009," a spokesman for the channel said.

The direct link to the article.


I have to say I was as stunned as James Callis (who was sitting next to Aaron) by the news given that Tahmoh and Eddie both had referred to a January premiere. Yes, yes SciFi could be lying and have been known to change their minds. Maybe Aaron meant to refer to the last hiatus? I know there is still much bitterness about that.
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