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Dragon Con 2008: Post the First

It seems after cons I have mini realizations about things. I've seen numerous posts from people suffering from some form of con crud. I was a sufferer last year, brought on by stress and exhaustion and I'm seeing people grappling with both, pushing themselves in various ways. I made sure not to be stressed by work prior to DC - my new motto is "Not my problem!" . And while I admit suffering from exhaustion, in so small part because of going back to work on Tuesday (thanks to a late Labor Day next year, I can take Tuesday off and, yes, I've already scheduled time off for next year ;), I've made sure to take it easy. So while you may (or may not) be dying for con reports, I'm not staying up until the wee hours to post. I've always been a bit obsessed with getting my thoughts out there asap, but to have it affect my health is crazy. It's the same reason I quit staying up until 3am to post my BSG episode analysis.

I will reiterate I had a fabulous time this year. Even better than last year. I know what you are thinking, "Wait, but Jamie was there last year!" True. And while I would have loved to have seen him, I didn't feel compelled to spend hours in every BSG line so I could have seats in the first few rows, or stand in lines to talk to him, or try to find a convenient time to interview him and missing out on time with friends because of it. And as danceswithwords pointed out in her first DC post it's friends that make the experience so fabulous. I believe it was, 50mm who was amused by a conversation danceswithwords and I were having regarding Buffy, a show she has not yet seen. Just in case she might watch it someday, DWW and I tried to avoid spoiling her. So our discussion was something along the lines of "the thing that so and so did because of the other thing and it resulted in that thing happening". And we TOTALLY understood what we were referring to. That's the best part of DC, sharing your common fandom experiences and knowledge and realizing you've become so close to people because of it that you now have this short hand for communicating.

It's also a place where you can be having dinner and talking about BSG while Richard Hatch sits at the table next to you...surrounded by his of which was going to later learn they "could no longer be part of the group". And that was not one of the odder moments of the weekend.

In a lucky bit of flight scheduling, thomasina75 arrived at the airport within ten minutes of each other. We traveled to the hotel, checked in, and went in search of a place to eat (fish and chips at Gilbey's Pub). As we traversed the walkway from the Peachtree Center to the Marriott we saw the registration line at the Hyatt...already around the building. My exact words were, "Holy Frak!". After dinner, we went over to investigate the line more closely, touched base with greycoupon, who informed us she had had a ninety minute wait, and got in touch with DWW to appraise her of the situation. Suffice it to say, DWW rushed to the hotel, skipping dinner, to immediately head over to the line where 50mm joined us.

Registration was to close at 10:00pm and we questioned whether we’d get in before the doors closed at 10:00. Fortunately, the preregistered folks were moved up closer to the front of the line…or we decided to start are own line...there was some confusion as to which was the case...and got in the room before 10:00pm. At 10:05, we heard the doors slam shut. As luck would have it, I ended up standing with two ladies whose primary fandoms were BSG, Stargate, and Firefly and we had plenty to talk about. Some bitchy woman a few people behind us took us to task for OMG talking (How dare we!) and not realizing that the people in line ahead of us moved forward about six feet. :p

This year it was DWW turn to hold us up in registration – DC couldn’t find her on their list. It seems they didn't like the spelling of her name. Still, I think we got through registration by around 11:00pm and went in search of food for DWW who had not eaten in twelve hours.

I had seven celebrity sightings on Thursday. Thomasina and I saw Richard Hatch on the street on his way to dinner and George Takei standing by the elevators, getting advice on where to eat from a member of the DC staff. All my other guest sighting took place at High Velocity, which has apparently been given the nickname 'Escape Velocity' due to numerous cases of food poisoning suffered over the weekend, including by Tahmoh Penikett.

While waiting to be seated, DWW and 50mm were distracted by a woman with a really bad boob job. Not only were they much too big, but the nipples seemed to point in different directions, not that it seemed to bother the guy chatting her up, who I was staring at because he had the same hair style as James Marsters. Then I realized it was James Marsters. I started tilting my head, pointing, and saying "It's James Marsters" which lead DWW, 50mm, and Thomasina to all look around and ask, "Where?". So I pointed some more and prayed James didn't notice because I feared he would think I was excited to see him rather than pointing out how funny the situation was. Btw, if he's still claiming he's quit smoking and drinking, he's lying. He had a cigarette behind his ear and a drink in his hand and, given his demeanor, not his first. Part of his animated discussion with Bad Boob Job Woman involved the Bears running game.

In the bar, I spotted Michael Rossenbaum and Tim Russ coming in for dinner. And, shortly before last call, who should walk right towards our table but James Callis and Tahmoh Penikett! They sat down at the bar to do shots, James convincing the bartender to continue serving them past last call. Tahmoh had a nagging itch on his back and repeatedly lifted up his shirt to scratch. I had a nice view. ;)

After leaving the bar, DWW, Thomasina, and I headed back to our room to crash, though I think we talked for at least another hour. DWW pointed out this was the first time in our travels that sleeping arrangements were not determined by ship preference.

The new fall season has begun! I still have Prison Break to watch, though I've read various reviews so I'm completely spoiled. Tonight, I watched Sons of Anarchy, which I'm not sure about yet so I shall give it another try next week, and Bones.

I don't turn into Bones for the murder mystery aspect, but it didn't even seem like they were trying with the first murder. The butler did it? Really? It's a very old joke and not funny any longer. Plus, in this day and age, would a servant really murder someone just to protect the family they are employed by? We never even got to know the guy. He was revealed to be the killer in the second scene he was in, I believe, and neither Booth nor Bones actually solved the case.

But the big WTF? goes to the Angela/Hodgins breakup. I still don't understand what happened. Lack of trust? What lack of trust? Angela kisses the guy and Hodgins is OK with it, but she's uncomfortable with her friend sleeping with her ex and that equates to a lack of trust? WHAT?! On the heals of Zack being revealed as the Gormagon's wannabe apprentice and a murderer, I have no idea what this show is doing. I still really like Booth and Bones and their relationship and Sweets is growing on me, but the plotting is a mess.

Seeing Oxford in HD was amazing though. :)
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