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The Sarah Conner Chronicles

Well, I didn't see that coming!

Heh. I just looked up the title and got it! Goodbye emo hair, you won't be missed.

So Catherine Weaver is a T-1000! Wow. Not just because it didn't occur to me (she's more emotional then her predecessor), but I wouldn't have guessed they had the CGI budget. I do wish they had cast a better actress, or an actress, but given what she is I guess I can rationalize the mediocre acting.

I didn't have much to say about this episode in the first half hour. I was impressed by the chase sequences and I enjoyed that they revisited the Terminator films, having Sarah and John on the run from a terminator and the sense of danger being palpable, since we know what Cameron is capable of. And while Cameron has always been a slightly scary robot girl she became a really scary robot girl in this episode.

I do wonder if her stopping to clean up was a move dictated by her programming or something she chose to do, to make herself look better. After all, her damage was largely cosmetic and did not stop her from chasing down John and Sarah. An open facial wound or staples holding your face together - either is going to draw attention. But Cameron, since we were first introduced to her, has made an effort to look pretty. Has that always been her choice? Was her cleaning herself up a sign that Cameron, the individual, still existed?

Cameron's "I love you John and you love me" was too emotional of a declaration and led me to believe she was faking it as Sarah believed. Either pulling the chip out and reinserting it allowed Cameron to reset her programming or John's show of faith in her triggered her to reset. Which, if the case, shows she has the ability to be more than just the scary robot girl.

I loved that moment when John pulled the gun on his mother. She's wanted him to lead and make the tough calls and she saw at the end of a gun how well she has taught him. The fire that was to be used to destroy Cameron may be a sign if irreversible damage to their relationship.

I'm intrigued as to why Ellison was spared. Cromartie seems more complicated than just a mindless thug of a machine. Is he perceiving Ellison as a possible asset? In the future, does Ellison aid in the downfall of humanity and Cromartie has this information? Or is Cromartie receiving orders, likely from Catherine Weaver?

John is shaken to his core and shedding his childhood along with his hair. I don't think it's because Cameron went all bad robot on them. Sarah was tied up and pinned down in that room. John was working on cutting through his bindings. My guess is John freed himself and killed the guy, not Sarah. I'm not sure shy she is covering for him. Perhaps just to give him time to deal. I could see Derek trying to speed up his training as the future savior of humanity if he knew John had already killed.

I caught the premiere of True Blood last night. Man, I'd hate to see the original pilot if last night's episode was considered an improvement. I'm willing to reserve judgment until I see the second episode which the Televisionary says is much better than the premiere. Of course, he also likes Torchwood so I'm not sure how much faith I should put in him. :p

Overall, I didn't feel the acting was bad, but the dialogue and plotting was mediocre at best and cringe inducing at worst. And why did they feel the need to include so much sex and nudity? Is that considered cutting edge? I've seen sanitized sex on network TV that was hotter.

Bottom line is I need to start caring about some of these people to become invested in the show and no one jumped out at me as being my hook into the series.
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