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Let me start by saying if I go crazy one day and kill someone I hope I do it in Massachusetts. Because how cool is it that you can just have a relative sign you out of the facility you're incarcerated in there?!

That was the first of many WTF's. By the midway point of the episode I was thinking that The X-Files seemed plausible by comparison and, shockingly, less weighed down by exposition. Broyles seemed more like the team recapper rather than the team leader. And was treating Olivia like crap just to see how tough she was? I was confused about his behavior towards her.

I don't think Chris Carter has enough ammo to file yet another suit against FOX, but it was clear that The X-Files was a big 'inspiration' to JJ Abrams. JJ quickly hauled out the flashlights and even had his FBI agents sharing their feelings in a motel. And the translucent bodies was taken from the first 'X' film. :/

Having John's life be the impetus for Olivia's actions and propeling the plot is problematic for me for two reasons. First, we don't know John. We know he loves Olivia and Olivia loves him, but we don't know either of them when they declare their feelings and I have no investment in whether he lives or dies. My second issue is the 'I have to do all this to save my boyfriend' conceit. A plane full of people died and they are all but forgotten. Heck, a deal is cut with their killer (I think, I stopped paying mcuh attention after an hour) in order to save one man.

Does Anna Tory remind anyone else of Rachel Nichols? She's not as bad an actress, but she's hardly riveting and definitely no Gillian Anderson. And why does her mouth hang open so much of the time?

What did I like? Jean, the cow. Seriously, she had more personality than some of her human costars. And Walter, as long as he can control his bodily functions. Peter was...Joshua Jackson and Josh is likable so I'm OK with Peter. But are they enough to keep me tuned in. I'm not sure. I'll give the show another week or two, but if I keep having X-Files moments, I'll just dig out the DVDs.

ETA: I forgot to mention the Altered States, talking to people in a coma, went on for far too long sequence! It struck me as insulting as well as unbelievable. If the technology existed to communicate, in any way, with a loved one in a coma wouldn't it be a common practice? And would we really choose to have conversations in a CGI like environment?
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