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Let me start by saying if I go crazy one day and kill someone I hope I do it in Massachusetts. Because how cool is it that you can just have a relative sign you out of the facility you're incarcerated in there?!

That was the first of many WTF's. By the midway point of the episode I was thinking that The X-Files seemed plausible by comparison and, shockingly, less weighed down by exposition. Broyles seemed more like the team recapper rather than the team leader. And was treating Olivia like crap just to see how tough she was? I was confused about his behavior towards her.

I don't think Chris Carter has enough ammo to file yet another suit against FOX, but it was clear that The X-Files was a big 'inspiration' to JJ Abrams. JJ quickly hauled out the flashlights and even had his FBI agents sharing their feelings in a motel. And the translucent bodies was taken from the first 'X' film. :/

Having John's life be the impetus for Olivia's actions and propeling the plot is problematic for me for two reasons. First, we don't know John. We know he loves Olivia and Olivia loves him, but we don't know either of them when they declare their feelings and I have no investment in whether he lives or dies. My second issue is the 'I have to do all this to save my boyfriend' conceit. A plane full of people died and they are all but forgotten. Heck, a deal is cut with their killer (I think, I stopped paying mcuh attention after an hour) in order to save one man.

Does Anna Tory remind anyone else of Rachel Nichols? She's not as bad an actress, but she's hardly riveting and definitely no Gillian Anderson. And why does her mouth hang open so much of the time?

What did I like? Jean, the cow. Seriously, she had more personality than some of her human costars. And Walter, as long as he can control his bodily functions. Peter was...Joshua Jackson and Josh is likable so I'm OK with Peter. But are they enough to keep me tuned in. I'm not sure. I'll give the show another week or two, but if I keep having X-Files moments, I'll just dig out the DVDs.

ETA: I forgot to mention the Altered States, talking to people in a coma, went on for far too long sequence! It struck me as insulting as well as unbelievable. If the technology existed to communicate, in any way, with a loved one in a coma wouldn't it be a common practice? And would we really choose to have conversations in a CGI like environment?
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I totally forgot about this, but it appears I didn't miss much. :-/
And was treating Olivia like crap just to see how tough she was

I *hate* Broyles! He thinks a serial rapist shouldn't go to prison just because he was soldier. WTF!

but it was clear that The X-Files was a big 'inspiration' to JJ Abrams.

At the end when someone said "The truth (big pause) blah, blah, blah" I said "Is out there" out loud.

I'll try it again because pilots aren't always a good indicator of a show's quality, but it needs to get better. Fast.

It was nice seeing blair Brown again. I've always liked her.

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I have to say I was befuddled by the rape storyline. I could understand his anger at her if his friend had been accused of rape and there was some question as to whether a rape occurred, but he was convicted anyway. But there were three rapes. Did all those women lie? Then at the end it seemed like he might have been testing Olivia by his treatment of her, but he didn't specifically say, 'Sorry, I know my friend is guilty' so I remain confused.

I agree about pilots. I've seen plenty that I wasn't wowed by and ended up quite liking the show. BSG comes to mind. ;-) So, yes, I shall give it one more try, but there better be HUGE improvements...or more time spent with the cow. ;)
It held my attention for about 15 minutes. Granted, I was doing other things while it was on, but nothing about it was grabbing my attention enough for me to really want to care. And heh, even my mom said that it reminded her a lot of the XFs, which i thought was amusing.

I like Josh, I still like Josh, but the rest was on the meh side with lots of convoluted chatter thrown in there to sound scientific. It was the pilot, I will try it again, because pilots tend to suck.
I think my mom would have spotted The X-Files similarities and she's only seen a few episodes. The only real difference seems to be that more than one person believes in all the weirdness. I guess that's growth on the part of the government. :p
The plot intrigues me, but if I'm being perfectly honest about 60% of the reason I watched it (and I saw the pilot a Comic-Con, so I knew what to expect) was for Walter, the cow, and Josh Jackson's facial expressions.

I'm shallow like that :/
if I'm being perfectly honest about 60% of the reason I watched it (and I saw the pilot a Comic-Con, so I knew what to expect) was for Walter, the cow, and Josh Jackson's facial expressions.

Hee! We appreciated the exact same things. :) I was worried about the cow more than John or Olivia which I don't think was the show's intention.
I have been making "WHAT?!?" face at my television the entire hour and fifteen minutes I've been watching. I think they'd have a better chance at pulling off the fantastical chemical warfare plot if they didn't blow the small stuff (how the FBI works, discharge from mental institutions, Harvard's policy on handing over its basements to crazy people for their labs, basic facts about how LSD works... I think I'm only up to the half hour mark there).

On the plus side, I guess I don't have to worry about getting sucked in by a JJ Abrams show again. Whew!

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I know that face! ;)

I almost brought up Harvard allowing a mad scientist back in their basement, but I could rationalize that given my belief the government does do quite a few questionable things without our knowledge, they could put pressure on Harvard, and Harvard could cave. Still, it comes close to being fantastical especially when a cow is walked through the halls of the building.

Yeah, I think JJ has given me free time to write up my House thoughts on Tuesday nights.
I... don't think the government's ability to pressure Harvard extends that far. But that is just nitpicking. More importantly, the pilot made clear that the show isn't about strange things happening out in the world so much as about a Vast, Far-Reaching Conspiracy Where It All Ties Together.

Let's just think about that for a moment. Vast, Far-Reaching Conspiracy Where It All Ties Together. JJ Abrams. Yeah, I'm out.
I liked it. I can't help it, I did.

I didn't feel the need to know the backstory of their "love" because the actress made me believe it was strong and real and important.

As far as Walter being released - I get the feeling that he wasn't the REASON someone died, he was just there...they tried to make a case out of it; and because it was HIS lab and HIS experiments, maybe he could end up with manslaughter, but I don't think they made him out to be a killer. I figure he was sent to a mental facility and over the course of several years they realized he wasn't a danger to himself or others and he "served his time" - and would have been released to a guardian at any point, but his son never came for him...cut to 17 years later.

I didn't particularly like/understand Boyle's character, but there wasn't much of him so I ignored it. But I like the actress, I like Josh, I liked the cow - there were a lot of funny moments that were surprising and enjoyable. And the big corporation as the bad guy -- while done before, was still an enjoyable and understandable plot point. Especially with the big wig's connection to Walter.

The only thing that truly bugged were all of Lost's recycled materials. Similar sound effects, similar music, and those godforsaken 3d words and camera zooms through the letters. Jeez.

Overall, I enjoyed it and have high hopes for the show.

I also like Sons of Anarchy. :)
"I also like Sons of Anarchy. :)"

Sprague Grayden was on it for like 10 seconds so it'll be canceled soon enough; she's a better predictor than Jewel Staite.
I agree, I don't believe Walter was responsible for anyone's death, just the fall guy. But he was either convicted of or confessed to manslaughter and there was no implication that he had completed serving his time and was free to go whenever he felt like it. And while I have heard of non-violent criminals being allowed day or weekend passes they still have limitations put on them. I've never heard of 'Oh, just get a family member to sign you out and you're free to go'. There wasn't even a discussion of continued treatment.

The lead actress is going to have to show me quite a bit of improvement next week or else she shall remain in the 'Not Quite As Bad As Rachel Nichols' category.
That was Denethor, ya?! as in '... bring wood and aaaaaawwwwil' Denethor- Faramir's daddy?!

I heart john noble; could give a rat's ass about the rest. I'll prolly watch just 'cause but it felt like such a rip off.