Yeah...I was willing to buy that Joss wanted to re-write the pilot episode to fit better and not worry about it, but this is stretching my goodwill thin. Not a good sign.
Unlike 'Buffy', 'Angel', and 'Firefly', which he put years of thought into, the idea for 'Dollhouse' seemed like something that just came to him, he threw the idea out to Eliza and FOX , both jumped on it, but he never had any sort of long range plan. Now he's realizing as he goes there are problems. It also sounds like he's doing too much himself. His old team of writers and producers have largely moved on and he has no one to bounce ideas off of or look to for support. Now, he has to put the breaks and filming has barely begun. Prior to DC, they had only been shooting for three weeks and I believe that included reshoots. I'm not going to be all doom and gloom..yet...but if this series fails I'm not sure we can lay all the blame at FOX's feet.
Hmmm... Fox seem fairly upbeat about the break in shooting. Of course, given the lifespan Drive and other shows have had under Fox, I'm not unconvinced that the company isn't run by right-wing aliens from the planet Zog... but at least Joss has kept his sense of humour. That has to be good, right?
I actually think FOX wants the show to succeed and that's why they are allowing Joss to tinker with the pilot and shut down production. Otherwise, they could just cut any potential losses now and cancel it before it airs (it wouldn't be the first time) . I just fear that Joss doesn't have a strong sense of what he's doing, unlike his previous endeavors, and that's why he's having to do so many rewrites.

I keep hoping this will get off the ground and be good and that FOX will maybe stand by it long enough for it to become viable (as opposed to murdering it in its infancy, ala Firefly), but they're making it so hard.
I think if FOX had given up they would have already pulled the plug. My main concern is that Joss doesn't have a clear idea of what he wants to do. I remember when I first read the premise I had concerns that it couldn't be sustained as a series and that the dolls, mostly female, were having their free will taken from them and being treated as things rather than people.
I didn't get that he's actually retooling anything, just that he wants to maintain a really tight control over what's coming out of the writer's room and is taking advantage of the late air date to get some extra time to do that. If the FOX spin is accurate, and that's always debatable; the show does not seem to be getting out of the gate smoothly.
I'm also taking into account some things Tahmoh said (or couldn't say) at the 'Doolhouse' panel. I really need to transcribe that panel soon.
What the...? Joss! *despairing voice* Man, I hope he gets it together.