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I desperately need time off work. I feel like I'm behind on everything at the moment. And my banner has disappeared. :( There is a tiny icon of torn paper where it should be. The banner at jamiebambernews is still up and since they are both hosted at photobucket I'm not sure what the deal is. Maybe it's an LJ hiccup that will be resolved soon. I can't see that the coding is messed up.

In movie news, I saw Burn After Reading yesterday. Perhaps not one of the Coen brothers best films, but it was very entertaining. Brad Pitt and George Clooney played against type and did it well. And John Malkovich was hilarious. The man so often plays oddballs and sociopaths that one forgets he can be funny. There's also a message about the incompetence of our government. Nuff said.

I watched the second episode of True Blood last night. Well, most of it. I forgot it was on until about fifteen minutes in. I can say it was better than the premiere, but that's faint praise. The problem is not only do I not care about any of these people, I don't much like them. Jason is a loser. Tara is not ballsy and independent, she's rude and abrasive. Sookie borderlines on self-righteous. And I'm still at a loss as to where Bill fits into all this and why he's supposed to be so intriguing. I guess I do like the grandmother who tells people to shut their mouths. :) And what's with ending the first two episodes with, "Oh, Noes! Sookie's in danger!" Yes, let's make her a victim each week. That won't get old or offensive.

Now for a show I do care about TSCC: Automatic for the People.

Let me cut to the chase, this episode was extremely disappointing after last weeks premiere. There was some extremely lazy writing here. The editing left something to be desired as well. I felt like there were several key scenes missing. A couple small lapses in logic in an episode I can forgive, but there were far too many lapses here.

  • The real estate market is a disaster right now, but no one with a home as beautiful as that one is going to let it be rented without a thorough background check and references. And anyone who wants to move in right now is going to raise red flags. I know it was a neighbor that was showing the house, but I'm sure she was given instructions and let's assume she has half a brain.

  • Just walking in and getting a job at the nuclear facility...where do I begin? I don't care if two of the janitorial staff mysteriously couldn't make it into work, you don't hire two people who just happen to be there looking for work that day. And Sarah's references checked out. Really? It took her how many days and how much money to get fake identities, but she can just whip up references?

  • Charlie tells his wife about Sarah and John not being dead (or having aged in ten years) and robots from the future and n upcoming robot apocalypse and....she believes him. I don't care if Ellison was there to back him up, I'd be wondering if there were hidden cameras and film crew about to run out from the next room.

  • Nice Silkwood rip-off moment.

  • OK, I can accept that Sarah is a progressive mom and knowing what her son is to become might be more lenient about certain things, yet I still can't buy she would let a girl that John met hours before spend the night. Granted, we know nothing happened other than sleep, but how could she be sure?

  • What happened to John's friend from last season? The one who asked Cameron to the dance?

  • Would a nuclear facility allow a new employee, a janitor, wander into the control room *and* make a not-so-secret call on her cellphone during testing?

Now that the negatives are out of the way, what I did like....

  • Cameron telling John, "You can't be trusted anymore." John put her before his safety. Not only is she well aware of the potential ramifications of that choice, it's probably not something the John she knows would do. And if John Conner is not acting as John Conner should that has to be confusing to her or, more specifically, her programming.

  • And what is up with Cameron's programming? Is she evolving or is she damaged? Her comment to Sarah, "I'm thinking about what to do", could be an indication of either. But her delay in reacting could have killed Sarah and led to to half the state being irradiated and that has to be a huge worry for Sarah now since Cameron is supposed to be protecting John.

  • I liked Riley. The first thing I liked about her is that she wasn't a size zero super model wanna be. She's attractive, but not gorgeous. And while most teens don't just march up to another teen to become fast friends, I could accept it because I have a feeling she's very much of an outsider herself. There was an indication she's been watching John and perhaps senses a kindred spirit in him.

  • We're seeing a bit more of Catherine's plan. Part of me wonders if she had something to do with the guy being sent from the future. If Sarah and Cameron hadn't been there to stop Terminator Greenway then the crisis would not have been averted and the nuclear facilities would not have all become linked by one computer program under her control.

Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to blondeheroine. I hope you had a fabulous day. :)
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