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I do not think that word means what you think it means

Sarah Michelle Geller may be returning to TV. Accept it's not TV, it's HBO! ;)

Last night I was debating posting something about the bailout and McCain and a campaign that just leaves me going "Wow" (and not in the good way), but there are smarter, more articulate, and wittier people than I who can say it all better and most of you seem to be following those people and their blogs already.  My hope is McCain provides me with a good laugh tonight and is a no show at the debate, but I'm assuming (since his people are already in Oxford) that he'll find some excuse to backtrack, again, on his declaration.

In the meantime, I was looking at the Daily Kos this morning and it did indeed provide me with a laugh or two.

Today's Candidate Schedule
Fri Sep 26, 2008 

Where will the candidates be today?

Barack Obama

Oxford, Mississippi - Presidential Debate

Joe Biden

No public events scheduled

[Michelle Obama and Jill Biden have no public events scheduled]

John McCain

TBD: Details may emerge during one of the many media interviews McCain is doing during his "suspended" campaign.

Sarah Palin

Protecting America from Russian invasion.

ETA: McCain will be showing up for the debate. Behold the Spin.
Protecting America from Russian invasion.

HAH. *stifles giggling*
I watched bits of Palin's interview with Katie Couric (and if Katie can make you look bad, again, wow) and noticed she kept mentioning Canada. I was confused. Have they been added to the enemies list? Of course, they've been working for years to undermined our nation through the entertainment industry and maybe she's decided to take the conspiracy public! :p
...clearly I am not as well-informed as I should be as I didn't actually know about this debate idiocy, though I did just go and look it up. Oh the joys of being in a foreign country and not checking US news sites for like...five days or something.

Also - Sarah Palin: Protecting America from Russian invasion. OH, you made my evening, thanks for the link. :)
I've spent the last 48 hours wondering if I should laugh or cry. I'm leaning towards laughter. One commentator mentioned they were waiting for McCain to ask for a delay in the election until the crisis (which he is helping to escalate) is over. And have you heard about him pissing off David Letterman? There is some great footage of Dave going on a rant on You Tube.
OMG no, I heard nothing about this Letterman thing, I totally have to look that up on YouTube. Tomorrow though, cus it's almost 2am here and I need sleep.

And truthfully? I've decided to adopt the approach I have for my current worklife and threat the entire thing as some sort of realtime soap opera. (Well, my vote I'll take seriously: I'm all registered for a postal one and stuff which if I'm lucky they might count).

I mean, we can laugh or cry. Laughter sounds more fun, even if it has a slightly hysterical tinge to it.

I just hope that if he's a no show it gives Obama some platform to do some of that speechifying he's so good at and hasn't really had a chance to do because the media's all over Palin.
I'm pretty excited about SMG doing an HBO series, but a little worried that one of the writing credits for the creator is "The Life of David Gale". Not exactly one of my favorites.;)

I can't tell you what a relief it is to know that Sarah Palin is guarding our northern borders against the horde of Russian invaders.
HBO has been more miss than hit lately, but the description of the show sounds a lot more promising than most of the so-called comedies running on the networks.

Somewhere Dan Quail is laughing his ass off thinking, "And they thought *I* was clueless?"
I'll give Dan some credit over Sarah in that he didn't dodge the press and answered questions about his national guard service, etc. That's all I'll give him ;)

As for postponing the debates - we've conducted presidential elections through all kinds of major calamities - a civil war, a great depression, plus several other wars. Ah, so he has decided to debate. Can't wait to hear his reasons.
Sarah Palin - Protecting America from Russian invasion.

not following american - or any other kind - of politics, but this made my week! it sounds like some sort of 50's super-hero movie tagline or some such thing. someone should icon that, because it's almost as good as tina fey's "i can see russia from my house". :D
Oh, I've been laughing, but it's been bordering on hysterical and a few sobs have escaped.

I can only imagine while she's got one eye peeled on the Russian shore, she's got the other glued to the TV. Watching a DVD of the "Northern Exposure" ep. in which the Russians visited. You know, to brush up on diplomacy for the debate.

Not to sound anti-feminist, but with all the sinking of the campaign campaigning, when is the last time she's seen her baby???