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TV Round Up

I’m woefully behind in TV posts. I won’t bore you with the details as to why I haven’t been posting as much, but I decided to sit down and at least type up some brief , general thoughts.

TSCC: The Mousetrap

I enjoyed this episode much more than the previous weeks, but don’t have many deep thoughts about it. I have a feeling that will change this week with what appears to be a Cameron-centric episode.

The one stand out element of the episode for me was watching various relationships begin to fall apart.

Charlie has lost his wife; another innocent victim of a war that has not yet happened. Who will Charlie blame for that loss? Himself? God? Sarah? All of them? And what will he do with his anger?

My initial response to the silence at dinner was that they were coming to terms with the death of Charlie’s wife. But, the more I thought about it, I think Sarah and John were dealing with the knowledge that they had lied to each other and the implications of that. John lied to Sarah to enjoy some freedom. Sarah lied to John in order to try and keep him safe. Yet, at the same time, she left the job of being his protector to someone else. There is no question that in a fight Cameron is physically more able to protect John, but now Sarah is making choices to help others. In some respects I feel that this is a good thing, it helps her hold on to her humanity. However, she is a mother who must be feeling she left her son vulnerable because, just for a moment, she put someone else first.

So neither Cameron nor John is attending school now? Yes, he’s sixteen and can legally drop out, but doesn’t that put them on the radar? And since Cromardie has a good sense of their general location shouldn’t they be pulling up stakes again? And how can Cromardie stay under the radar himself when the unknown actor he killed is now famous???

Fringe - I officially quit watching at 9:36pm on September 15th. Yes, I looked at the clock to note the time. Up until that point I had spent most of the episode either covering my eyes, shaking my head, or laughing. I never thought of Chris Carter having a lot of subtlety as a writer until I watched 1.5 episodes of Fringe. One of my favorite Fox Mulder lines came back to me, “If coincidences are just coincidences, then why do they feel so contrived?”


Another show I feel I’m done with. Well, I might go the Hulu route and listen to the episodes at work, but this show is not getting my undivided attention. I was completely bored by the first hour and scratching my head during the second. Bored and confused is not a good combination.

Nathan finds God after dying. Not only a tired old cliche, but I must ask why he didn’t have the epiphany all those times he almost died.

Dark!Future!Peter is kind of interesting, but I don’t like that the other Peter is trapped in the body of a villain.

Does anyone actually die on this show??? In addition to Nathan, Meredith is back. And Nikki survived *and* assumed a new personality and power. (So does each personality have it’s own power? And how is that possible?) Then there is Ghost!Lindeman. Sigh.

Mohinder is still an idiot.

But perhaps my favorite reveal was Angela Petrelli as Skylar’s mother. My theory is the roads of all the heroes lead back to the Petrelli family tree. If you don’t have a drop of their blood in you, then you are just a mere mortal.


I don’t know how I feel about the show this season. I didn’t dislike the first two episodes, but they just struck me as exceedingly average. My main gripe would be the cast is too damn big. I’d immediately vote Chase off the island. He seems the most isolated of the former ducklings. At least there is still unfinished business between House and Cameron and Cameron actually served a purpose in the season premiere, sharing the experience of losing her husband with Wilson and informing him that merely changing locations won't make the pain go away.

Sorry to any Cuddy fans, but I’d love to see her go. I’m bordering on hate with her. House walks out of the hospital and she doesn't even volunteer to help diagnosis his patient? And she tries to play psychiatrist and fails miserably. Ms Know It All wasn't able to see that Amber was not the issue.

At least one of the newbies needs to go as well. I’m indifferent to all of them so they can pull a name out of a hat.

While I know he’ll fail to extricate himself from House, I do like that Wilson is acknowledging to himself he needs to make changes in his life. My hope would be that he realizes House is his friend and needs him, but that he also needs to distance himself from the toxic elements of the relationship.

I always gird my loins when I hear the words “guest arc” associated with House, but I liked Lucas. Maybe it’s because he was working with, or for, House rather than being out to get him. And he seemed like a decent guy who was able to give House a fresh perspective on a few things.

Ultimately, I still love Hugh as House so I’ll stick with the series, likely to the bitter end, but it may be heading to a show I just enjoy watching instead of eagerly looking forward to.

The Mentalist - I spent most of the episode wondering if xwacky was enjoying it? ;) Personally, I liked it. I wasn’t blown away, but it’s promising. It’s like Psych only less screwball. Simon Baker carries the show, but they’ve assembled a supporting cast that shows signs of developing a good chemistry. The backstory feels a little heavy-handed. TV series now seem to believe that in order for a character to have a dark streak they need to have a tragedy in their life.


Zach is going to have to go. Much like what Joss Whedon did with Cordelia on Angel, the producers of Bones backed themselves into a corner with Zach and don’t know how to get out of it. They tried to retcon events in the season finale that no one was happy with by revealing that Zach is, in fact, not a murderer, just an accessory. But that creates another set of problems. Zach is now manipulating the system and people. He knows if the truth comes out he’ll be shipped off to prison where, let’s be brutally honest, he’s be beaten and raped by the end of his first day there and he knows it. And he’s put Sweets, a character I grow to like more with each episode, in a horrible position. Yes, he took an oath to protect his patient’s privacy (And why is Zach his patient? Did Zach request he be his personal psychiatrist?), but he works for the government and with Zach’s closest friends. In the course of one episode I went from feeling sorry for Zach to not liking him. I always found him naive and clueless, now he’s showing himself to be manipulative and selfish and with no remorse for his actions or the lies he’s now telling.

There were also many WTFs? I have a card I have to swipe to access various floors of the building I work in and there is no way I can swap out the magnetic strip. And even if Zach could get out of the mental facility that easily were the security at the Jeffersonian so happy to see him they just let him walk in? Then there was the get together at the diner. OK, fine, he’s there friend and they still care about him, but they are hanging out with and laughing with a guy they believe went nuts and killed someone. That sort of thing would make me view my friends differently.

I also watched the season premiere of Chuck on Hulu this morning, but I'll wait until tomorrow to post thoughts on that. I will say that I liked it, A LOT. :-)

And now I think I’m caught up! Phew! What to do next? Perhaps more fall cleaning (I skipped it in spring ;) or laundry. Or ordering more clothes since I’m trying to replace all the stuff I gave to Goodwill this summer.
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is it weird that even though i don't watch any of these shows - i gave up on heroes after the first season - i still LOVE reading your reviews? i dunno how, or why, but you write good reviews that are fun to read even if one hasn't actually seen the episodes.

that was kind of a pointless comment, but thought you should know i think you write good reviews, that i hope you're well and happy, and that you're having insane amounts of fun and that's the reason you haven't been around as much lately. ;)
Hee. Thank you. That is very nice of you to say. :)

I wish I could say I have been having insane amounts of fun, but, sadly, it is not the case. On the other hand, my absence isn't due to any health issues or depression or anything bad so I try to look at that as a positive. Basically, I've just been trying to catch up on RL stuff that I've neglected as well as reevaluating some things in my life. You know how that is. ;)
And Nikki survived *and* assumed a new personality and power. (So does each personality have it’s own power? And how is that possible?)
The one idea I liked about this new season, but only because the idea has its origins in one of my favourite comic-book characters Crazy Jane of 'Doom Patrol'. I must confess to a genuine fangirly squee when she froze that guy ;P
I haven't seen William Katt in ages so I wished they had kept him around longer...assuming he is actually dead. ;) And they had Bruce Boxlietner! It was like an 80's TV reunion episode. :)
I have a feeling that new nikki isn't nikki, so there's going to be two nikkis onscreen later in the season, just because heroes thinks more is better.
The freezing was kind of cool, but my mind went to X-Men when he exploded and melted. I also wonder if he's going to crawl out of that drain to seek revenge because no one dies on this show! ;)
Fringe - I officially quit watching at 9:36pm on September 15th.

I never even watched the 2nd episode. I didn't have time to watch it at the time, so I recorded it. However, by the time I had time, I'd heard so much about it I deleted it unwatched. I watch too much TV as it was, and the pilot didn't make that much of an impression on me. Seems like a good decision, all told.

As for House, as much as I've liked the guy in the past, I'm afraid I'm tired of him. If I had any confidence that he'd change and grow from this situation, I'd be right there with the popcorn, but as it is I doubt they'll change the character of House one iota. So all that melodrama with him and Wilson, as slashy as it may be (and I used to be quite fond of that pairing), just wears me out.

I did quite like the first episode of the Mentalist, though. That looks interesting; as you said, a more serious version of Psych, but still. Should be fun, and Simon Baker is likable. And nice to look at. :-)
I empathize, my TV watch list is too long at the moment. Some shows have to go.

I don't think House is going to change either which is both unfortunate and at least a bit implausible. Deep down I don't feel House is the self-centered ass that he likes people to think he is. A telling moment for me was when the patient told him that he looked sad and it had an obvious affect on him. Now that he's losing people in his life (Cameron, Chase, and his, most importantly, his BFF, Wilson) it seems logical that he would change, just a little. But I love Hugh and he is awesome in the role and this is a case where I'll stick it out for the actor even as I find the characterization frustrating.

Simon Baker is very pretty. I may need an icon if I keep tuning in. ;)
I missed Heroes because I was watching Dancing with the Stars, and didn't tape it because a friend told me it was a 2 hr recap. Are you KIDDING Mama Petrelli is Skylar's mother?? Okay...that is it for me. Between that and they didn't get rid of Exxon-eyes girl. Makes my Mondays much easier TV-wise. Thanks for the heads up Asta. Much appreciated!
Hee. Your welcome! And Exxon Eyes Girl is now shacked up with Mohinder. They made dumb and dumber a couple. :/
Even though Charlie's wife is dead, I'm still 100% convinced she's a robot. If she isn't a robot, it's their fault, not mine, for making me think that.

I refuse to watch the Mentalist out of loyalty to Psych; not that it's my fave show ever or even close, but WTF, "hi guys, I'm here to pitch a show that's already on the air except my version will have fewer likeable people and be less funny!" Also, the whole super-plot thing (omg he killed my wife and is still taunting me) is unnecessary: that already killed Angela's Eyes -- another unfunny Psyche -- and Life was good to diffuse it at the end of it's first season.
I had my suspicions when we first met her that she was a robot, but now I'm not so sure. I would think Charlie inspected the wound and didn't since metal ribs. ;)

I am getting tired of characters having to have some great tragedy in their life in order to have depth. Why couldn't the guy just have decided to use his power for good instead of profit?
I'm in this bizarre situation where I have all these tv shows downloaded to watch - a season and a bit of TSCC, 3 eps of Fringe, the last 4 or so of Bones (including last season finale), first 2 Smallvilles... and I've not managed to work up the effort of will to watch any of them yet. Mostly, I've been working on house stuff or using my PC for something like vidding (which stops me watching downloads easily unless I've got a DVD full). I've still been reading what people on my f-list are saying about them though, because it feels... well, sociable.

Fringe was starting to sound like a show that could be so bad it's worth watching for the hilarity factor - and in my defence, I'd like to point out that yes, I've done this before, and that Hercules was a big hit when I was a student and beer was cheap. Ever seen a houseful of uni students watching Hercules and/or Xena while drinking? The alternative soundtrack you end up with is hilarious...

With that said, it sounds like tv viewing is going to be thin for a while. Bones hasn't been the show I started watching for a while now, and it sounds as if they've headed into bizarre anti-plot land, where people get to play at being cannibalistic serial killers and characters are whatever's needed for that scene.

Anyway, I came in to say that even though I'm not watching, you write excellent tv reviews - even the short, pithy ones :)
I spent most of the weekend cleaning so I understand having your TV viewing suffer. ;)

Anyway, I came in to say that even though I'm not watching, you write excellent tv reviews - even the short, pithy ones

Thanks for the compliment. :) It's nice to know so many people enjoy reading my thoughts, especially when I wonder if they make any sense to anyone but me! And I think I'll reserve my long-windedness for BSG. If I need three pages to talk about Chuck, I have issues.
I'm still enjoying TSCC, but still not head over heels in love with it, which is a shame because I want to be in love with it. But I'm just...not. I think there's too much John. Who I keep wanting to like but there's just not enough to him right now. I'm convinced he was the one who killed that man in the premiere, and Sarah is covering for him. Which annoys me somewhat because they made a big deal of Sarah never having killed anyone in the first season, and if John gets the "OMG I KILLED A MAN," storyline first, I think it says a lot about the direction they're maybe taking the show? I like that it's the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I like John as the guy who needs protecting, who isn't an adult yet. I'm not sure I like the idea that they're going to build him up into a hero.

But...then again, largely this is me fretting about the future, and perhaps I should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Hands down the most interesting character is Cameron. Props to Summer Glau; I'm interested in what's happening with Cameron and find her creepy humanistic observations this season a lot more funny/scary than last season. Though I do have cylon dissonance. I keep...expecting her to be a cylon and of course, she's not.

So yeah. I don't love it yet, but I still want to, which is something.

As to Heroes...yeah.

I loved the first season. The second, I stayed hopeful right up until the end failed to save it. I don't think I realised how badly the second season burned me until I watched twenty minutes of the premiere and couldn't watch any more. I'm just...not interested. Blah.

None of the characters I care about come back from the dead (DL, Isaac, Simone). Hiro, my erstwhile favourite is always stuck with random side-quests and has gone from being adorkably amazingly awesomely irrepresible to angtily self-consciously obsessed with his 'destiny'. And the characters I want more of - Matt, Monica, Molly, Micah (Hmm! Team M!) - are basically shuffled off, nowhere to be seen.

And the metaplot makes LESS SENSE than ever. Jees, which future apocalypse is it this time, guys?! What are the angsty future Petrellis up to now, *le sigh*

Just about the only 'main' character I really enjoy - Nathan - is now starting to make me lose interest too, if only because, like you, my first thought to his storyline is a) cliche and b) why not last time?

Gah. I'm...upset that I'm through with it. I really thought that show could be my next big thing. :( Just goes to show, never judge based on season one.
John was largely on the sidelines this week and there was lots if Cameron and her backstory so I'm now wondering what your thoughts might be. :)

And the metaplot makes LESS SENSE than ever. Jees, which future apocalypse is it this time, guys?! What are the angsty future Petrellis up to now

Yes, why does every vision of the future include an apocalypse? Why would the villains want to destroy the world if their desire is to rule it? And why is Peter the center of every flipping end of the world scenario? At this point, the most logical thing to do would be to eliminate Peter. Humanity might have a chance!

Just about the only 'main' character I really enjoy - Nathan - is now starting to make me lose interest too, if only because, like you, my first thought to his storyline is a) cliche and b) why not last time?

Maybe it has to do with acting talent, but I feel the show worked better when Nathan was the quasi-bad guy and Peter was the good guy. The role reversal is not working.
Well, I'm about to go and, um, procure it, so I'll totally let you know what I think!

Also, re: Heroes - I agree completely on Nathan and Peter. Peter being a real innocent type helped offset his insane power levels and emoness, and Nathan being kind of a bastard but one who really, really loved his brother and family was much more interesting than this weird earnest, self-questioning weirdo. Blah. Whatever. It's like they started off in season one with good ideas, 'shook them up' and ended up with a bunch of stereotypes. /bitter. ;)
I didn't even watch the Heroes premiere, because after hearing other reactions, I decided not to waste my time. I was bordering on out after the finale last year, but had heard that Kring knew he'd gone off the rails and wanted to fix things. Apparently, nobody took him aside and gently pointed out that killing characters off and bringing them back again is emotionally effective if used sparingly, but when you start doing it every other episode, it becomes a cheap and unbelievable piece of audience manipulation. Feh.
Yes Asta, I enjoyed SB very much! ;)

Hehe, we do think alike here...

By the way, I tuned in my local radio station again this morning. The same host who plugged the show last week said he enjoyed TM very much, and tried to get more people to tune in tonight. He claimed it's going to be "his one show" to watch this year! :b

I hope you'll watch it again tonight and tell me what you think...