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Alias Thoughts

WOW! Best episode of the season thus far. It had me riveted start to finish. The Vaughn I know and love is back! Why didn't you kiss her dammit?!

Yes, I am a S/V shipper, so the scene at the airport did my heart good. "Some things don't change"..."I can't lose you again". Better than 'I Love You'.

Lauren will soon be history. At least as Mrs Vaughn. I think the scene in the parking garage proves that. She's held at gunpoint, left in a car rigged to explode, but as soon as Vaughn realizes what she had done, he's off to help his ex. I'd really like to hate her for turning Syd over the the NSA, but she was doing her job and what she believed to be right. She strikes me as very naive as to what really goes on within the various government agencies. And it doesn't seem as if Vaughn has clued her in before now. I think she'll learn the hard way.

For some excellent analysis of Sark's brief, but pivotal, appearance, check out redrover1980's LJ. I hadn't even fully considered what a brilliant job he did of not only getting his revenge on Sydney, but setting a lot of others up for a fall as well.

Did anyone else sense chemistry between Sark and Lauren? In their brief time together they came off as far more interesting than Vaughn and Lauren have all season.

Jack was terrific tonight. I adored his verbal and physical tussle with Vaughn who was made to understand Jack's prior actions by the end of the episode. How quickly did Vaughn go from condemning Jack to volunteering to help?

Oh, and the fight sequence between Syd and the guards? Wow. That's some of the best choreography I've ever seen on the show. That really impressed me as well as the very freaky dream imagery. What the Hell is all that tubing supposed to represent? Is she somehow connected to something? I'm more inclined to believe something was put in her rather than taken out.

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