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I didn't realize until last night Wednesday night is a potentially killer TV night. Six TV shows! Well, one of those is Friday Night Lights and I don't have Direct TV so, uh, I'll have to wait to DL. And as I sit here watching it I think I'll bid Private Practice adieu. Having watched this series last season and Grey's Anatomy off and on over the years I'm really shocked that Shonda Rhimes believes she writes strong female characters. Yes, they have brains, but they are all emotional wrecks who act like 15 year olds in the presence of a hot guy. I also find it insulting that a woman can't possibly feel complete and happy unless she is in a relationship. As much as I like Tim Daly, this is just too painful to watch every week. And don't even get me started in the lawsuits they open themselves up to!

Earlier, I watched Pushing Daisies and enjoyed it. The show didn't seem to suffer due to the long hiatus, but there was a considerable amount of time spent recapping last season. Given the somewhat complicated storyline, I can't say I blame them. And I have to admit I even forgot a couple of significant plot points. So, I suppose it was a smart move and they blended in the old bits with the new bits as seamlessly as they could.

Emerson and Olive still remain the standouts for me. I like Ned and Chuck, they're a cute couple, but if the focus of the show was on them it would get tiresome. And without getting into too many details so I may avoid doing a cut, the relationship forming between Lily in Olive is quite interesting and entertaining.

Obviously in the the Pushing Daisies vs Bones fight for my attention at 8:00pm, the former won. I finally became one of those people who has altered their TV viewing habits thanks to the internet. I didn't even bother to record Bones knowing I could watch it on Hulu tomorrow.

At 10:00pm we have Round 2 in the Wednesday night fight - Lipstick Jungle vs Dirty Sexy Money. Yeah, you read the correctly. I ended up watching the first season of Lipstick Jungle on Hulu a couple weeks ago and I think it's become my guilty pleasure. The shows not great. I don't care about Victory and Joe at all and Wendy and Shane are made enjoyable by the presence of Paul Blackthorne. But then there is Nico and Kirby - an attractive, smart, successful older woman and a hot young guy. The damn show had to hit one of my kinks!

Well, I just finished watching Dirty Sexy Money and it didn't hold my attention. The characters have had all the life drained from them and most of the actors look like they were having no fun. While I've never found William Baldwin to be a great actor, I felt he did a decent job last season, but it was actually painful to watch him as Patrick watched his wife die. And I guess they felt the need to turn her into a violent, drunken shrew so when her cheating husband who triggered her downward spiral covered up her accidental death we'd feel bad for him.

As for Tuesday's TV...


I had some trouble following the parallels between Taub's lies and the patient's. I don't think I can be the only one who feels lying to your wife about your womanizing and being forced out of your private practice is a bigger issue than lying about selling some paintings. I also have issues with the thought that people are happier living without the truth. If Taub had not let the guilt get to him after receiving the $86,000 car from his wife, I definitely would have had some lingering issues with him.

While I enjoy Lucas as a character and it's entertaining to see House finally find a worthy adversary in the manipulation department, it was disturbing to me that Cuddy would at all be attracted to a) a guy she knows is working for House and b) she caught rummaging through her desk. Oh, and as hospital administrator she didn't know an invoice for a legitimate piece of equipment. 0_o

Does it seem fair that the new cast members who appear every week aren't in the opening credits, but the people who don't appear every week or have glorified cameos are?

The "hairball"? Ewwwww.

So Cameron and Chase are still together? Huh. Of course, not having scene together since 2007 may have something to do with my confusion. ;p

The Mentalist

I was seeing similarities to House while watching this episode. On House, we get to watch House make four or five different diagnosis before hitting upon the correct one. On The Mentalist, we had three different murder suspects before stumbling across the right one(s). And we have no motive for why they did what they did besides they were crazy. It is highly unusual to have a couple decide to work together to kidnap and murder women so I would have appreciated some hint as to, gee, how the idea ever came up in conversation. Conveniently, they were both killed thus allowing the writers to dodge coming up with any answers.

I'm perplexed as to why the show is pushing an attraction between two of the detectives and so soon. As you can see, I haven't even learned their names yet and I'm supposed to care about them possibly hooking up?

To draw another comparison to House, this show is being carried on the weight on one actor's shoulders. In this case, it's Simon Baker. It's not that I dislike any of the supporting cast, but I'd hardly tune in for them. And It is refreshing to have such an inherently charming and likable lead character. His issues don't make him an ass.

I also appreciate that he isn't meant to be the hero. He's a smart man and helps catch the bad guys, but when confronted with one of those bad guys charging at him with a weapon he's visibly scared. And while most police/detective series ignore procedures and logic in order to arm everyone, Patrick does not carry a gun. Though, I would take issue for him being able to set up a sting operation.

The talk Patrick had with the victim's brother was nice. I'm still not sold on the necessity of Patrick's wife and daughter being murder victims, but it does mean he shares a connection and empathy with the family members that the people he works with don't. Pity the killers were killed because it negated much of what he told the boy. They would have suffered far more had they lived; they didn't strike me as people who would do well in prison.
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