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No One Touches Pete's Piece

After I don't know how many years I finally broke down and purchases The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. on DVD. I'm at a loss as to why it's never dropped in price, but I saw it at 40% off and figured that's about as good as it was going to get. I've only watched disc one thus far, but I'm willing to declare the series holds up very well. Bruce was very attractive. ;) And Pete Hutter still remains one of my all time favorite supporting characters.

I've also caught up on last weeks TV viewing!

I don't have much to say about Bones other than I found it an entertaining 44 minutes. I do hope they find a Zach replacement soon. I've liked a couple of the grad students they've brought in and I'm growing tired of the revolving door, wondering if I should start caring about any one of these people, and fearing they'll pick someone I don't like.

I should confess I was tired as I watched the premiere of Sanctuary and was on the verge of dozing off numerous times. However, if a show grabs my attention, I'll wake up. I've been known to watch both airings of Battlestar Galactica on Friday night. I won't say it's Flash Gordon bad, but it's no where near the quality of BSG, even the uneven mini, nor does it have the fun of the Stargates going for it, even with so many SG1 people in front of and behind the camera. While Amanda Tapping should forgo an accent, her performance was otherwise good and I didn't flash to Sam Carter at any point. The rest of the cast was mediocre to bad. And Will seemed nothing more than a Daniel Jackson clone, though far less amusing or engaging. I will say the look of the show was quite good. Large scale use of green screen environments can be hit or miss, I'll call it a hit here. But the series didn't offer anything new to the genre or even fresh twists on the old standbys of the genre. The premise also suffers by airing concurrently with Torchwood. Both series explore similar themes, strive to convey a darker tone, and have two lead characters who share some important traits. I'm rarely sold on a series based on it's pilot episode so I will give Sanctuary a couple of more weeks. If I don't see improvement by then, I'll find something else to watch Friday night.

Oh, and Zap2it's Sanctuary review pretty much summed up my feelings.

That something else may or may not be Life. I'm going to be blunt. I thought Friday night's episode was horrible, one of the worst hours of TV I've seen of a show I like. Are the writers even trying? I could have written a better and more coherent plot given a half hour to come up with something.

What was with Charlie's ex? Now that she is 100% certain he is innocent of the crimes he was accused of she decides to forget about her family waiting for her at home and jump Charlie in the backseat of her husband's car??? And the only thing that stopped her was it was her husband's car. O_o I always assumed she had some lingering feelings for Charlie, but given how infrequent her appearances have been and she's always told Charlie that she has moved on and he needed to do the same this was came out of nowhere for me.

I have a feeling that Friday Night Lights will never return to it's first season glory. It's incredibly rare that a show is so superb coming out of the gate. BSG achieved near perfection in it's first season, but it had the mini series to lay groundwork and work out some kinks. FNL had nowhere to go but down and it fell hard in Season 2. Part of it had to do with some bad writing decisions - the Tyra/Landry murder cover-up being the nadir of the season - but part of it had to do with the writers strike and rushing to complete a season they feared may be it's last.

Watching the Season 3 premiere, I felt the show had regained focus. The writers realized it was the characters we care about, not plot twists. The Taylors are still a close-knit, loving, but not perfect family. Eric is still acting before consulting Tami. Tami is still frazzled juggling a new job, a second job as the coach's wife, and being mother to a baby and teen. Julie is very much a teenager struggling to gain her independence, but seeming to do it in a less bratty manner this year. Smash is dealing with a possible career ending injury before his career has even begun. Tyra is being confronted with the reality of what her life will likely be if she doesn't get the hell out of Dillon. Matt's moment in the sun might be fading and he's having to realize he may only have been a good quarterback who excelled because of those around him. And maybe Tim will see that he has to make changes in his life, not just to keep Lila, but to have a life after high school.

One theme that stood out for me was the importance of education. The show didn't beat you over the head with the concept or resort to preachiness, but it was there in subtle ways, weaving it's way through nearly every character's story. Tami is unable to buy the most basic of school supplies thanks to a slashed budget. She's even forced to admit that members of her own staff are not equal, pressing Julie to take AP English with the good teacher. Tyra's 1.9 her freshman year is making her dreams a very difficult reality. And Smash, who was relying on a football scholarship as a stepping stone to the NFL, is now facing a 'career' working at the ice cream shop. Lila and Julie, thanks to grades and parents with some money, are the only ones likely to get into college.

While skipping over several months in the timeline allowed the writers to start fresh, I'm also left to wonder about several things. Where is Jason? Is he living with his baby mamma now? Did they have the baby? What happened to the nice Christian boy Lila was dating? And why did she start dating Tim? Why did Landry and Tyra work so hard to get back together if they were going to split up a short time later?

All and all I felt it was a successful kickoff (sorry, had to say it!) to the new season. I'm curious as to what happens from here on out and I can't say that about several other returning shows I've tuned into.
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