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Trailer for 'Castle'

FINALLY! There is now a show debuting this season I'm excited about! EEEEEEE!!! And it doesn't star Jamie Bamber! (OK, I am excited to see Jamie in Law & Order: London or UK or whatever they are currently calling it, but that won't hit the U.S. airwaves until sometime in 2009).

I give you the trailer for Nathan Fillion's Castle...

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This looks good! And like it may last! And, OMG, he plays a dad! And there's the raised eyebrow! And did I mention I'm excited? :)
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Besides downloading it? ;) You probably will, but not until six months after we do.
I am so excited about this! I've been waiting for a preview, thank you for linking to it!
I was thinking of you while watching it. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Maybe Nathan will, at last, have a hit. ::crosses fingers::
And it's NOT ON FOX!

(Although "bad boy of bestsellers"? Bad promo monkeys. No cookie for you.)
Hmmm. Wonder when it airs. I'm going on holiday and don't want to miss it. What with Nathan being TOTALLY EDIBLE.


*fans self*

There's no airdate yet. My guess is it will get scheduled once some of ABC's new fall shows get the axe.
I can't decide how I feel about that. If it were a film, I'd be quite excited, but I'm dubious about whether they could sustain it week after week without getting overly formulaic. I suspect I'll end up checking it out, though, and hopefully it'll prove my doubts wrong.
I think they can sustain the concept. Especially since they seem to be confronting head on the questionable premise of a crime novelist working for the police department. Plus, like House and The Mentalist the success or failure of the show will likely depend on how much the audience likes the star. ;-)
I have no Nathan icons. Dr. Horrible will have to do. For now. Once this comes on, something tells me I'm going to have LOTS and LOTS of pretties.

I think we should give up and just call it Law & Order: Jamie Bamber.

Great trailer! Thanks for posting - i like that he is wearing a Browncoat - I wonder if he giggled when he got his costume.
Oooh! Thanks for the trailer! Had no idea about this series. I like the idea....and very excited about Nathan Fillion getting a lead. Hope it's on soon.