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'The Sarah Conner Chronicles' Gets a Full Season! And other less important stuff.

The Sarah Conner Chronicles will have the opportunity to tell their story this season. Woo! And what makes this news even better is the person who first reported that his sources had informed him the show was on the verge of cancellation (and whose name I won't mention because his Google alert will bring him here) has been proven wrong yet again! Hee and Hee.

TV Squad covers some of the reasons why the show was saved. I'd also add that this has been an abysmal season for all the networks with ratings down across the board. It's not that people aren't watching TSCC, they aren't watching as much network TV. And the likelihood is FOX would have replaced a low rated show with an even lower rated show. Maybe FOX has learned from their past mistakes and realizes that while TSCC has a small, devoted audience, it is one willing to tune in each week.

My apologies for not replying to comments, not commenting much period, and being absent much of the week. My cold kicked me in the ass midweek and if not barely functioning at work I was curled up on the couch. I did manage to sleep for ten hours straight last night and then another three this afternoon and I am now feeling about 90% of my normal self.

Some interesting links I accumulated during the week:

Zach Gilford talks about 'Friday Night Lights'. I really appreciate his honesty about last season and his disappointment with his storyline (though I'd argue his arc wasn't the worst). He doesn't share any major developments for this season, but does express the show is back on track. I'd agree given what I've seen in the first two episodes.

TV Squad asks if this TV season is totally lame? Like the writer, I find myself caring less about certain shows and giving up all together on others. But while a drop in quality has caused my disinterest in some cases, I also am feeling we now have too many choices. It used to be we'd have a break from TV and now, with more and more cable networks producing original programming, we are watching new shows year round. Also, because of DVRs, TIVO, Itunes, Hulu, etc we are no longer compelled to watch a show when it airs. Last week, I realized I forgot to set the DVR for Life and fretted about it for all of five seconds before remembering I could watch it on Hulu in a day or two.

Don Cheadle is replacing Terrance Howard in 'Iron Man II'. Normally, I'm not happy about recasting. However, Terrance Howard had a relatively small part in Iron Man and didn't blow me away. I've also read the guy is an ass and it sounds like he was holding the studio up for money. Sorry, but the only actor they have to worry about keeping is Robert Downey Jr. And I'm a big fan of Don Cheadle. The idea of seeing he and Robert work together...EEEEEE!!! So, yeah, I'm pleased by this news. :)

Because I'm trying to catch up on many things I'm only going to share some brief thoughts on shows I watched this week:


I enjoyed the patient of the week story more than the House/Wilson roadtrip/reunion. It was great to see Forman, Chase, and Cameron together, however briefly, and, for a moment, I actually thought all the doctors working together were going to solve the case in House's absence. I should have known better. Just as I should have known House's breakdown during his father's eulogy was fake. I have to say I'm getting tired of zero personal growth by House. People can and do change. I'm not the same person I was ten years ago. And I really wish they hadn't made House right about his father not being his biological father. It's a cheat and they've validated his reasoning for their bad relationship. Now, I'm waiting for the search to begin for his real father. Then we'll be confronted by that man and House still will be disappointed.

The Mentalist

I don't have a lot to say about this show other than I am enjoying it, due in very large part to Simon Baker. Though, I didn't find Patrick's building of the awesome sand castle cute. He was a father and he should have known how hurt that young girl would be. And the series continues to follow in the footsteps of House giving us three or four solutions to the case before pulling the real one out of their asses.

Pushing Daisies

I'm very relieved that Olive is rejoining the group. I felt the episodes were lacking cohesion and focus as the writers juggled two separate storylines instead of focusing on the murder of the week and how it affected all the characters. I do love that the show continues to have the adults acting like adults. As soon as Ned found out the truth about Lily being Chuck's mother he informed Olive he was going to tell Chuck and did the very next day. Keeping secrets has only caused these people pain and they've wisely come to the conclusion that honesty is the best policy for all involved. Chuck dealt with the news better than I expected, but I do wonder what her next step will be. Will she try to get Olive to obtain more information for her? Or will she feel she has to reveal her secret, that she is alive, and confront Lily directly? Also, will Chuck and Olive now be roomies? I'm thinking yes since they both expressed they felt a sisterly bond and, well, Olive no longer has any furniture. How will Digby relate to Pigby? And is that building zoned for farm animals?

Life on Mars

OK, I think I'm done. Not only did they soften Gene, they now have to show us he has a heart of gold under that gruff exterior. And they gave Sam a wacky neighbor? Seriously? Not to mention, while I fully support male characters showing emotion, Sam cries too much. He loves his girlfriend and misses her, but do we need the waterworks?


Disclaimer: I was exhausted while watching this and attempting to make vacation plans with a friend so I wasn't paying close attention. The murder of the week seemed lame and I pegged the mother as the murderer from the start. Yes, I don't watch the show for the crimes, but try writers! I graduated college thirteen years ago, but has it changed that much that almost an entire classroom of students would walk out after finding out that it's a graded class and not pass/fail? And only one of the three students who remained seemed serious about her studies. With so many kids struggling to get into college this painted an extremely negative view of college students. I was also confused by Jack's declaration that he had been protecting Rachel all these years. How? By putting her in foster care? By allowing the murderer of her family to adopt her? By holding her captive? Why not ship her out of the country all those years ago?

OK, Sarah Palin just impressed me.....with her acting. Which kind of scares me. A VP candidate that can act.
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