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Colin Powell on 'Meet the Press'

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This is the most eloquent endorsement of a candidate I have heard yet. I respect the man a lot. Not because he chose to vote for Obama, but that he said so many things that needed to be said. There has been tremendous criticism of the Republican party, the majority of it from people outside the party, but more and more by people within it. Colin Powell being critical of the Republican party, voicing his concerns the party has gone too far to the right and his worries about the selection of conservative supreme court justices should McCain be elected, might be a wake up call to some people.

But the moment that really resonated with me is when he talked about people who insist Obama is a Muslin. Powell clarified Obama is a Christian and has been his entire life, but if he was a Muslim, who cares? It shouldn't matter. A seven or eight year old Muslin boy should be able to grow up believing he could be president of the United States. Then he went on to tell the story of a U.S. soldier who died fighting for his country in Iraq and who was a Muslim. I admit it, I got choked up.

It's obvious Colin Powell has put much thought into who he will be casting a vote for next month. And, like me, he doesn't see a man who will step into the White House and solve all the countries problems, but a man who has some sound ideas and, perhaps most importantly, wants to unite the people of this country.
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