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If I had one complaint about the this weeks TSCC, it's that the title is too damn long.


I appreciate it when a show addresses what the viewers are thinking. Who among us hasn’t thought that John was in need of therapy or at least someone outside his family to talk to. And if Cameron and Reese both feel John needs help, then John really needs help.

We finally have confirmation as to why we are seeing a different John this season, he, not his mother, killed that man in the season premiere. That’s a burden for anyone to live with, let alone a kid. And while I believe Sarah is there for John, to listen, to talk, I can understand why he feels he can’t. His entire life has been a preparation for war, for killing, and he likely feels that Sarah, Derek, and Cameron would only see him as becoming the man he was meant to become, even if that is not the case.

I don’t believe John wanted to kill himself, but he's becoming careless and perhaps less concerned with living. We discover Derek is all too familiar with that feeling. The future nearly broke Derek If not for Jesse he’d likely be dead and the same could be said of John without his family.

Another interesting discovery about Derek is that he's a more hopeful individual than I thought him to be. Cameron questioned him about his six hour runs and we see they are the result of taking the time to sit in the park, eat a hot dog, and people watch. He's become attached to this world he thought long gone and he believes the future can be altered. I've wondered about that. If he thought they could change events or if he was just working to ensure that John becomes the man he needs to be to end the war in the future.

The one individual I really feel sorry for is Savannah. That poor child. It’s likely Catherine has kept her alive as part of her cover, but I also wonder if she’s using her for research, seeing first hand how a child develops as she works to create a new artificial intelligence.

It also seems that Shirley Manson might not be the horrible actress I thought her to be. Her robotic nature was more evident in this episode than any other. She’s purposely ‘on’ when having to interact with other people, but ‘off’ when alone or with Savannah. And in the video footage of the real Catherine, she her performance was noticeably better.

Another week, another timeline issue. Is Catherine developing the smarter terminators of the future (such as herself) in the past (present)? And with terminators now equipped with chips that self-destruct if removed, was it a natural evolution given how many terminators have been sent back? Or our present events altering the future? And how can Jesse be from Derek’s past if they met in the future???

Was it just me, or when Jesse asked Derek to name what they had just done did you want him to say “frak”? ;)

I stayed up late last night to catch up on last weeks Friday Night Lights. My thoughts can be summed up with I enjoyed it, the show definitely is back on track, and Matt Saracen is going to beak me this season.


Focusing an episode on Thirteen was not a good idea. Or maybe the writers fail to realize that the majority of the audience doesn't care about her or any of the newbies. The only thing I appreciated is an explanation why she looked like crap the past few weeks.

I guess they needed to show that Wilson was over Amber and back to his old self, but I knew he was setting up House from the start.

I was all excited that there was fifteen minutes left in the episode and they had successfully diagnosed the patient....accept we find out they didn't. When will I learn?

Cuddy is adopting a baby. This can not end well for her or the viewers.
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