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Don't Worry, Be Happy

Because the economy sucks and waiting for November 4th is making me anxious, I've decided to do a post of only positive things. Well, and thoughts about Life. ;)

Work Related Stuff

I did my first art related project in a long time. Someone at my firm has a nine year old dressing as Slash for a party. When I first heard this I thought, "How can one dress as slash?". Then I realized she meant the guitarist. Anyway, he wanted a barbed wire tatooish design drawn on a tee shirt. She was referred to me when the person she usually goes to for her graphics needs couldn't do it based on religious grounds. He's a Jehovah's Witness. Shockingly, markers I hadn't used since college still worked and though I never studied graphic design, my concept didn't turn out too bad. I wouldn't accept payment, but I got a tin of caramel corn and a thank you from a very happy kid.

My boss paid me the rare compliment this week. After reviewing a huge ass stack of credit card statements I had just paid and thanking me for letting him do so he added, "By the way, you're good." To which I replied, "Yeah, I know." :)


I have a vacation coming up! I'm flying to San Francisco on November 5th and danceswithwords and I will be embarking on a road trip. She'll be driving down the coast (I can't drive a stick shift and I'm sure she's grown attached to her transmission) and we'll be spending three fun filled days in Burbank with Ben Browder, Claudia Black, and, oh, friends), followed by a day in San Simeon to see Hearst Castle, then back to San Francisco so I can fly home on November 12th. I think this may be the longest I've vacationed with anyone. Be on alert for stories of unidentified bodies along the PCH.


Pushing Daisies

I enjoyed the evolving relationship between Olive and Chuck and points for getting away with a dental dam joke during the so-called family hour, but, overall, I didn't care for the episode. It would take too long to discuss and this is suppose to be a happy post so I shall just say that the storyline and some of Ned's behavior brought up things from my past and thus hit a little too close to home.

Friday Night Lights

While this season has been far superior to last season, this was the first episode that reminded me of the excellence of Season 1. I loved everyone in this episode, but especially Smash or should I say Brian Williams. Has anyone else noticed that they've all but dropped "Smash"? It's because he's not that person any longer. I wasn't a big fan of the character in Season 1, but he started growing on me last season, having one of the few storylines that was both realistic and powerful. This season, in just four episodes, he's shown himself to be the man that his mother and coach always hoped he would become. Maybe the fast food place was the path to an unfulfilling career, but it did show him he could do something besides football. I now believe he won't just excel on the field at Texas A&M, but off the field as well. My one regret was that Jason wasn't around for the final scene. He really should have been there instead of Landry, but I'm guessing Scott Porter was unavailable.

The people of Dillion are going to say Eric Taylor wasn't able to make the tough call and bench Matt. But Eric made the best decision for the team. Their opponent will be facing two quarterbacks and two different offenses, even if they knew in advance there is no way to fully prepare for that in a week. It's a huge advantage for the Panthers. And something Matt said in previous episode struck me, that he could throw a pass seventy yards if no one was coming at him. We saw JD hit those cones with no problem, but as Eric's rapid fire questions showed, JD still needs a second to stop and think when rushed. He's also never experienced the pressure of being QB1. Matt was roughly the same age as JD when he became QB1, but he didn't have the added pressure of his life guided towards a single goal (er, no pun intended). Matt Saracen has always been Matt Saracen first and a quarterback second.

You'd think Eric would be on board with the jumbotron, then I recalled his comments to Tami in the Season 1 episode in which they had to find a new location to play their semi-final game - all you need to play football is twelve men, a field, and a pigskin. That's what football is to Eric Taylor, not all the fancy equipment.

I got pissed off at both Tyra and Landry, yet their actions and reactions were believable for teenagers. Tyra shouldn't have blown off Landry as she did and then lie to him, on the other hand, she felt she had to lie to him because Landry was not accepting their breakup. I really haven't seen any actions by Tyra that could be construed as leading him on. Maybe it was wrong of Tyra to get involved with him, but I believe she liked him, he treated her with more respect than any other male in her life ever had, and she probably thought it was worth giving a relationship a try, but she came to realize her feelings didn't extend beyond friendship.

It seems that there may be more than just being young that led to Matt's mom leaving. I hope we don't find out his dad was physically abusive, just because I think being an absentee and emotionally distant father has been damaging enough for Matt.

And the LA Times talked with Gaius Charles about the show.> No spoilers beyond last weeks episode.


An appropriate title for the episode since I felt my stomach turning a little during the Reese/Tidwell kiss. I guess the writers really want me to stop watching the series. Ya know, I could have bought this relationship, which I assume they are heading towards, if it happened last year when Reese was being self-destructive, drinking heavily and having a series of one night stands. But she's exhibited none of last years behavior. She seems much more together so why would a woman getting her life back on track allow that repellent human being to kiss her?

I like Ted, but his character works best when working with Charlie. Spending so much time focused on him with a pencil stuck through his hand was perplexing as was bringing in Olivia who...I can't even recall when we last saw her.

And are we ever going to meet Charlie's father? You would think he would want to apologize to his son now that he's been totally exonerated.

Just an FYI, that Life moves to Wednesdays at 9est beginning November 5th.

Battlestar Galactica

I've been threatening to do it for a long time, but I finally began my Battlestar Galactica rewatch. I told myself I wasn't going to take any notes (that lasted fifteen minutes) or talk about it here (again, didn't last), but it's apparently become a compulsion that I talk about this show.

  • Jamie, you're adorable, but, you are correct, your accent sucks in spots.

  • The red glowy spine concept just kind of died, didn't it?

  • Tyrol, do not cop an attitude with Lee. Not only is he your superior, but you are clueless to the bad parenting he has had to endure.

  • Early Boomer and Athena are practically indistinguishable. No clone jokes, please. :p

  • Kara was replaced in the decommissioning ceremony by Lt. Anders. Snerk.

  • Who did Caprica Six meet on Caprica? The Twelfth and she didn't know it? Or is this a plot point they hope we forget?

  • I'm reminded why I never bought that Lee and Kara were in love in the mini. They hadn't seen or spoken to each other in two years, he's being an ass and she's being a bitch. Not to mention, he was checking out Laura more than her.

  • When the Cylons shut down Galactica's entire squadron of vipers, why was Boomer and Helo's raptor unaffected? Nothing suspicious about that!

  • Dorel took issue with Laura trying to organize things on the Colonial One, let alone when she tried to organize a fleet of ships. It's likely that it was just a reaction to not being part of the Cylon's plan, to have a human stand up, take charge, and possibly organize the remnants of humanity, but it makes me wonder if there is more to it.

  • Laura to Lee: "I never really liked politics." Hee.

  • The middle section, or likely the beginning of Part 2, is really draggy. I know Ron has stated that the stuff with Cammie was a mistake, but the Adama/Leoben scenes, while necessary to an extent, seem to go on for too long.

  • Laura informs Billy she has cancer and he tells her he knows from little things she's said. Really? Did we miss all those?

  • Laura is to be in charge of the civilian government and Adama in charge of the military. Ha Ha. Those lines sure got crossed.

  • Gaeta's name was pronounced differently in the mini. I wonder why they changed it?

brokenmnemonic attended Michael Hogan's panel at the Fan Expo in England this weekend. There were a couple of interesting comments Michael made about the just wrapped BSG movie, The Plan. I'm recapping the points that jumped out at me in B's post.

The timeline for The Plan does not go beyond Season 4 and the Cylon's plan will be explained in the film. Michael commented that after seeing the film you will want to rewatch from the mini series on because it will affect everything you think you knew. (So, I guess I should have waited. ;p)

Michael also shared that much of the footage from The Plan is previously shot footage. (So, how much directing did EJO actually do?) Michael Rymer shoots each scene several times from different points of view, but we only see one view. With the film, we'll be seeing familiar scenes, but from another's POV, which will alter how we view things that seemed familiar before.

I'm a fan of multiple perspectives of the same scene, so it sounds interesting to me.

Mo Ryan has more information on Mary McDonnell's November 13th debut on 'Grey's Anatomy'. Damn, I'll have to start watching that show.

Mo also broke the news on Katee's appearance on 'Law & Order'. But this is the part of the article that really got me excited:

The “Battlestar” cast diaspora continues: Of the many actors from the show to line up new gigs, among the most notable are Mary McDonnell (“Battlestar’s” Laura Roslin), who starts her “Grey’s Anatomy” gig Nov. 13 and Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama), who will don a badge of his own as a cop on the upcoming British series “Law & Order: UK.”

Jamie's new gig is notable! Woo!

Mark Verheiden confirms 'Galactica' is coming to Blu Ray:

Next week I'll be doing an on-camera interview for the BSG Season 4 Blu-Ray release... no idea when the discs are due out (hopefully around the release date of the regular DVDs, which right now are scheduled for early Jan. 2009) but I suppose that means BSG is definitely coming to Blu-Ray. Thank goodness I invested in an HD-disc player just before that format went belly up...

The price of the machines has dropped and there will probably be deals around the holidays and after. Is it time to buy?


I've missed a lot of birthdays recently. Forgive me? =) Happy Belated and Soon-To-Be Birthdays to brokenmnemonic, avrelia, thomasina75 (FYI, we have a bed for you next year. ;), missmurchison, superplin, ketzel and electricexprmnt. I hope I didn't miss anyone.

And, Finally!

I watched Enchanted on TV last weekend. While the film, overall, didn't blow me away, I found Amy Adams, well, enchanting, and one musical number I could not get out of my head. I may have watched the scene numerous times thanks to my DVR. As luck would have it I found the clip on You Tube and thought it might make some of you as happy as it makes me:

'That's How You Know' performed by Amy Adams:

And 'That's How You Know' performed by Kristen Chenoweth at the Oscars:

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  • Since Everyone Else is Doing It: The Post Holiday Recap Post

    Christmas was not terribly exciting, but not aggravating either so I call it a win! On the gift front, my mother has officially given up on trying to…

  • Tis The Season

    Since I see my west coast friends are posting it must mean Christmas Eve is nearly at an end and Christmas day will soon be upon us. Which means I'm…

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