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I think Shakespeare was on to something when he stated we should kill all the lawyers

Today is one of those days that makes you think, "Thank God I have a vacation coming up."

I've been contemplating doing something with this LJ other than just talking about TV and movies (I'm complex, damn it! ;p) and the Green initiative is of interest to me. Still not sure what I could do here other than posting links, which is not a bad thing, but I'm working on it. In the meantime, I saw an article earlier today about California's First Solar Thermal Plant in 20 Years. It looks pretty awesome and while Arnie has his faults, he's been doing quite a bit to aid the environment.

As for entertainment news...

Robert Downey Jr. will star in two 'Iron Man' sequels and 'The Avengers'. Just stay off the drugs Robert and don't blow this!

In Ausiello's latest column he has some very exciting casting information for Pushing Daisies - Gina Torres as Emerson's ex-wife! He also spoke to Mary McDonnell about the end of BSG. Awwwwwww.

The Mentalist continues to be enjoyable mindless entertainment with good eye candy. That's about all I have to say on that. ;)


Now, I know there is something wrong with the show. My mother, who, in the past, would criticize me anytime I was critical of House called me last night to ask what the hell that was she had just watched. She neither understood the kiss nor House walking out immediately afterwards - especially the latter since Cuddy was so vulnerable and he probably could have gotten lucky. ;p Nor could she understand Cuddy being willing to let the woman die to ensure she got a baby.

I had additional problems with the episode. A hospital administrator cannot be made guardian ad litem for a child. One, it's a huge ass conflict of interst, likely to get you sued and, two, you need to go to court to get a guardian appointed. I believe they actually addressed this before on the show. And a baby born with lungs as severely underdeveloped as that baby would be placed immediately in a neo-natal intensive care, not placed in a general ward with no special monitoring. Did they just fire all the consultants? Finally, Chase appears to be the only surgeon on staff. One week he is doing brain surgery, the next a c-section. Sigh.

I did like a few things. The patient of the week's case was pretty interesting. Thirteen standing up to House and asking for answers rather than sarcasm was surprising and entertaining. And Wilson rocked! He said exactly what I've been thinking. House is acting like a kid whose been left behind while all his friends moved on to high school. I also enjoyed his, 'I just gave you the answer, didn't I? Now you are going to get up and walk out of the room without saying a word.' Hee! My mother even felt compelled to state that House and Wilson have more chemistry than House and Cuddy.

Oh, and I'm also contemplating not sending out holiday cards this year. Let me state this crappy economy is not hurting me financially like it is others. I have job security and no debt. However, I was calculating how much it costs me to make and mail the cards and thinking I could put the money to better use this year. That's not to say I won't be doing anything. One of the radio stations here has already begun playing Christmas music, I kid you not, and that lead to me formulating ideas. So, yes, there will still be holiday cheer from me, but it may be in a different format this year.
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Basically, the entire Cuddy-wants-a-baby subplot makes me grit my teeth really hard, because her character is written so erratically and seems to keep tripping over single career woman stereotypes in a bad way. It's unsubtle and vaguely creepy. In that sense, though, this episode was just another link in the long chain of WTF that is that subplot. I do think that House knew how vulnerable Cuddy was, and that's why he left--because as miserable as he is to her most of the time, he realized that sleeping with her at that point would end be cruel beyond his usual hijinks--but you kind of have to stand on your head and squint through one eye to get there, because the show doesn't lay ground the way it should.
I've always felt that Cuddy suffers at the hands of the writers the most. Frank Burns running the 4077 is the only example that comes to mind of a worse hospital administrator. But the first two seasons I wasn't actively hoping they'd dump her from the cast. Since Season 3 I've found her incredibly annoying and occasionally rage inducing and that puts her at the top of my to go list ahead of the new docs I don't care about and Chase who only shows up when they need someone to perform an operation.

I'm against House/Cuddy, period, but if they had laid some groundwork maybe I could at least understand it on an intellectual level. But treating her like shit, making her feel horrible, then having her let him kiss her makes no sense. And while I find House fascinating as a character, he's just not a desirable prospect for a boyfriend.