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I never do quizzes or memes. Yet, I up and did one. At least it's informative. I don't know who to credit since I saw it on about a third of my friends list.

Name: George M Cohan wrote a song about a girl with my name. If you can figure it out by that clue and you don't already know, I'm impressed. :)

Owner of: My car, furniture, many, many collections of stuff

Love and relationships: Still waiting for Mr Right

Religion: Baptized in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Do to family issues haven’t stepped foot in the church in years. Really don’t care for organized religion but I do believe in a
higher power.

Politics: I think a two party system sucks.

M.O.: Insert sarcastic comment here.

Computer: SONY

Camera: Sony Digital Camera.

Music: Pretty mainstream, but I do like the occasional Broadway show, some jazz, and *Gasp* I have a country CD I like.

Star sign: Pisces

Chinese astrological year: Unknown

Undergraduate: Fine Arts with an emphasis in drawing

Master's: No.

Doctorate: No.

Flower: None

Instrument: I played the flute years ago.

Fruit: Peach.

Dance: I try to avoid it.

Knit: Years ago

Sew: Basic

Swear: On occasion. I never use the F word (see ;)

Bake: Yes. Cookie bars are my specialty.

Cook: A few times a week

Sing: Only in the car

Family: Mom, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.

Friends: Only a few close ones in town, most I have acquired online :)

Childhood pet name: None that I’m aware of

Books: Prints Dead.

Class: Middle?

Ambition: Not counting having sex with Hugh Jackman and/or James Marsters? To become wealthy and never have to work again

Sell-out price: Moi? Sell out?!

Flavor: chocolate

Tattoos: Nope. Don’t like unnecessary pain and they’ve become too commonplace

Piercings: One per ear.

Hair: Changes every 4-6 weeks, but in the reddish brown family

Eyes: Brown

Allergies: Wool, Codeine, and Tetracycline

Quality of life: Good

Sense of humor: Very Sarcastic

Spice: Garlic?

Other languages: English, barely

Sleep: Need More

Drug: Ibuprofen every 28 days

Cleanliness level: I think pretty good if you don’t count the kitchen sink

Bury me: I hope someone does!

Lifetime achievements: Never been arrested, never done drugs, never smoked a cigarette, haven’t killed my mother

Game: Solitaire

Magazine: Entertainment Weekly, IN Style, anything Buffy related.

Motto: You can choose your friends, you can choose your enemies, but you can’t choose family

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