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Is It Wednesday Yet?

That question has double meaning for me. My vacation starts and the longest election ever will be over. I see a lot of people stressing over the election results. I can't say I'm stressing about it, but I've also been distracted by cleaning, laundry, packing, and BSG watching. I think I've done as much packing as I possibly can at this point. My makeup and computer can't be packed up until Wednesday morning and the soonest I can print out my boarding passes is tomorrow afternoon.

While I still have some time, thoughts on TSCC: The Brothers of Nabulus

I don't have a lot to say about this episode. It was more set-up than substance, but there were a few standout moments.

Robo Ellison! That was very unexpected. I liked how they opened the episode up with that scene. It knocked the audience back along with Ellison. As for Cromartie's cryptic message, Ellison, with friends like that...

Why was Robo Ellison created? Who wanted to replace him? Better yet, how do they know what he looks like in the future? Is he a prisoner? Was a photo of him pulled from a database? And has the past/present changed the future or was Ellison always part of future events?

The other surprising moment was Cameron killing the three men. It's been quite a while since we've seen her exhibit such violence while not defending John, Sarah, and herself. She had a point, and Sarah seemed to accept it, yet we see, again, Sarah can't make the same choice herself and, again, she has yet to kill anyone.

Of course, if Cameron wanted to eliminate all roads back to them, shouldn't she have gone back and killed the guy's parents? When the police contact them about their son's death won't they mention the two women who were robbed that were looking for him?

I'm glad John finally confronted Sarah about Sarcasian. There are some holes in his logic. Sarah was nearly killed herself and still tied up, I'm not sure how she could have protected or stopped John. But, he's young and traumatized and I can accept him looking for someone to blame.

I'm assuming someone is making an icon that says "Funny Derek"? ;)

I had a bunch of thoughts about last week's Friday Night Lights, but I can't recall most of them now. I think I'll rewatch that episode along with the next two weeks, since I won't be able to acquire them until I get back, and just do one big post on all three eps.

Now I shall try to get some sleep since I need to get up an hour early :( to vote.
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Enjoy your break!!! I'm also off for a bit from Wednesday and cannot wait (not going awat anywhere, just looking forward to a rest!)
The other surprising moment was Cameron killing the three men.

I liked the fact that she didn't even talk to Sarah before she did it. I think before she would have asked, and let Sarah decide. Now, it seems like she's not only done nagging but done letting Sarah make the decisions about security.
Cameron is certainly not the same person (?) that she was before her chip malfunctioned. Alison was an obvious manifestation of the damage, but I think we are now seeing the subtler changes. And that Cameron isn't waiting for orders is a little scary.